Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last art fair!

I just finished up my last art fair of the year yesterday. What a great way to end the season too! I shared a booth with my good friend Linette (an extremely talented ceramic artist i might add!) I had my best fair so far with sales and also was able to see many of my friends from college because it took place where we all graduated from. The fair went really smoothly and Linette and I's booth kicked ass! I think our work looked fabulous together and I even made enough money to where I could allow myself to buy some wool at the Spinner's Flock fiber festival today. I'm excited to be done with these shows so I can have more time to spin without feeling guilty =)I'm excited to begin work on more of my Candy line that I've posted a photo of in this entry. I think that bracelets would be a wonderful addition to the line as well as some necklaces that play with a little more asymmetry with a few more "vials" added into the mix. Very exciting indeed!