Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've lost some people in the last week's time. People I loved, that I hadn't seen in some time, and that I have precious early family memories from my childhood and recent lovely memories
Someone who had me try Dr. Pepper for the first time, in Texas. Because us Northern folk hadn't even heard of the stuff, and who knew that it was number one above Pepsi AND Coke in that state.

Someone who called me Hoots, "Hia Hoots!" in that southern accent that made you wonder how he ever could have grown up in the mitten.

Someone who caused me to be in my first wedding, and this flower girl forgot to throw the petals till she was at the alter. Someone whose bride wore lavender, and I thought that was really neat, still do.

Someone who was my first pen pal. Nevermind that I only heard from him on Holidays (because he called my Grandma,) and near birthdays (because Aunt Jean did it for him.) 

Someone who gave me a, "Somebody in Texas loves me." shirt when he surprised us with a visit while camping. I remember I outgrew that shirt, and it was so special to me that I was horrified and threw a fit when my mom gave it away to some friends of ours. A memory I'm still a bit embarrassed about, because I realized much later that it was just a shirt and it was given to someone less fortunate than I.

Someone who messed up my Minnie & Mickey teeter totter puzzle SO bad when I accidentally left it behind that I had to cheat to solve it. Then I messed it up  just as bad.

I lost someone else too...

Someone who bought me sparkly things on an afternoon out to Maggie's Hallmark. Girls love sparkly things. 

Someone who was my mum's best friend.

Someone who always had a soft spot for me.

Someone who had a pool where I could NOT reach the bottom still, and it scared me, but I loved being there.

Someone who read me Pandora's Box when Mom had to run off to work.

Someone who made a GREAT Kahlua and cream.

Someone who made Chili just as comforting as my mom's.

Someone who made me laugh.

Someone who helped keep my mom sane during wedding planning, who made me the most beautiful complement to my dress, that I will cherish. Always.

Someone who had a tough exterior and the softest heart.

I'll miss her very much.