Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beer and a lakeshore...

Could you really ask for anything more? 

The hubs and I had sort of a staycation for our second anniversary. I can't believe we've already been married 2 years!

We went down to Cincinatti and repeated our first anniversary trip to Brew Ha Ha. Caroline Rhea was headlining and was quite funny indeed. We drank lots of delicious beers from microbrews all over. My favorites were some from Goose Island out of Chicago that I had not yet had the pleasure of trying. While I did take some photos, most were quite blurry because it was dark... :(

We were joined by our dear friends the Benson's once again as well as both of their daughters and their sig. others this year. A good time was had by all and a cozy wonderful hotel bed awaited us after all that hoppy goodness as we somewhat stumbled back (all walking for us as the roo was safely parked in the garage next to the hotel. :D) We stayed with the Benson's and Jess did my hair which was a previous post. :D

Once Joe and I got back home we settled back in and I got some work done but I'd been itching to visit Saugatuck again (I dream of living in that area someday with a flock of various fiber bearing aminals.) So, when we hadn't gotten off our butts for a few days, I printed the directions next to Joe while he puttered on the computer and said, "HEY! Let's go, huh?"

We wandered downtown Saugatuck for a bit and went to a few galleries I'm HOPING to apply to get my work into. Did I have ulterior motives for a Saugatuck visit? Maybe. But beer and food were definitely on my mind. We did discover a lovely little spice shop that smelled absolutely heavenly while we were there though. :D

I had probably the most amazing French Dip sammich ever at Saugatuck Brewing Company. Joe and I split a sampler because it had been 2 years since we'd been and they had lots of new beers on tap. Super tasty stuff I say!

Did I whine after dinner and say that we cannot be next to the Lake Michigan and not let me go wading at least for a little bit? Um... duh. We went to a dune park and ended up walking off dinner on a helluva hike through the woods and down a dune but when we finally reached the water it was magical.

When we finally ventured back to the car Joe noticed a little message in one of the dunes. Hard to read in the picture but it says, "Will you marry me," in sticks. Pretty romantic to see when you are enjoying your anniversary. How fun to think of the happy couple that must have been there within the last few days... maybe even hours before. <3
All in all, I was thrilled to be reminded why I still live in the state I grew up in. Michigan is so full of natural beauty, it is where so many of my loved ones are... and damn do they know how to make good beer here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

blogging intentions and a great reorganization...

While I've had the best of intentions to blog, even remembering to not only bring my camera but pull it out and snap some photos, I have been too busy to get it done.

Seriously. I think I have about 5 posts in my head right now. Here is one of them. :D

One of the major things that has been bogging me down is that my studio was a WRECK! I finally started the reorganization and regretted it instantly but now that it is done there are absolutely no regrets. It went through a great metamorphosis. A very full carload and several trashbags later and it is a dream room. I even took several photos of the stages it went through. A fair warning though... when I just uploaded these the early stages put me in a state of panic that I feared would result in a heart attack... it's a wonder I made it through the real thing.

So the studio started out in this arrangement, but pretend the mess on the couch is on the floor basically... and well... yea, it was a mess. you get idea...  (I neglected to get and 'actual' before photo.)
 and then... as well all know, things get worse before they get better when you are rearranging/cleaning.
and worse...

sometimes it gets even worse again...
and then it finally starts to improve.
we're almost there!
Mooch was there for moral support. He likes the change.
Are you ready for it yet?
Here it comes!
Revamped carding station with MUCH better lighting above ^ as seen in the previous photo. It is blinding and wonderful to be able to actually see what I'm carding. :D
I'm a big fan of owls, hence the artwork and vintage love above my carding station. :D  I was called Hootie when I was little. I still have a cousin who insists on calling me it. I secretly love it. :D We won't get into where Hootie came from though... The owl print on the left if from Marmee Craft. I'm lusting after a few more of her owlie prints.

Jewelry Bench area with my inspiration board redone with room for pinning up projects (that is another post! :D) New lighting above here too! Thanks dad! yay! My Black Apple  prints of my "alter egos" ever present down here.
Sewing Station!!! Probably the only messy area at the moment because it is a catchall for wool until I get done with shows and can start sewing again. (yet another post.....)
So there is the tour! I took loads more pictures but they were seriously scary town!

Man, it feels soooo good to have it all done! I've finally put my wheel down there at least for the winter time so I can get all cozy on the couch, put hulu on the ipad and just spin away the winter hours.

OH! btw... SOAR is next week! If you are in the New Hampshire area you should definitely come and shop the spinner's market!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Did you know?

That Bricolage Studios has a facebook page?

It is right here.

Wanna be in the know?

Like it. :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival!

NML&W is coming up this weekend! I have to say I am really excited for this show. It was my favorite fiber show last year in my first year as a vendor and I have been looking forward to it since it was over last year.

The festival is located on the Ogemaw County Fairgrounds in West Branch and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Because Autumn is creeping in, they are especially beautiful with all of the colors beginning to change. Last year there was amazing kettle corn outside too. :D

I'm busy preparing lots of goodies for the show including batts, handspun yarns, fleece and locks mixes, experimental spinning/felting packs, and tons of other wee add ins like hand dyed silk cocoons and carrier rods. Of course there will be some signature Bricolage Studios jewelry there as well!

You can check out my 2011 Schedule tab for more information. Hope to see you all there!