Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I picked up a few chicks

This past Saturday I went to a shearing at one of my favorite wool suppliers, what a fabulous event it was! Rather than just having the event for one farm, they had several other farms with so many fleeces to choose from. One of the lovely ladies even had a bottle fed lamb with her that was oh so cute!
When we arrived we instantly swooped in on a large group of fleeces that had already been skirted that day. I instantly saw the one little lady I was looking for, Lightening.
Her tight little curly-cued sproingy fleece is so incredible to work with! She is a romanov/dorset/corriedale x and I just finished dying up the rest of her 2011 fleece, such a treat!

I was also quite intrigued by a few other ladies who were crosses. Elle, a Romney/Corriedale x. This fleece is so lofty and wonderful feeling, I can't wait to get it all washed and dyed so I can start carding it!
 Finally, there is Polly, a Suffolk/Romney x. So funny that I ended up with two romney crosses because on it's own, I'm not wild about the fleece. Crossed with these two breeds, they are heavenly!
OOh spring fleeces!!! :D

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the common woman

 "The common woman is as common as the reddest wine." - Judy Grahn

The first time that I heard of this poet was through the poem this quote was extracted from, Detroit Annie, Hitchiking, as read by Ani DiFranco. Every time I hear that last resounding line read, I am left mulling over how simply eloquent it is.

What makes a woman who she is?

A friend asked recently what music I listen to when I work, what I found inspiring.

Oh what possibilities. I really love listening to a good variety of amazing artists... ) I still really had to think about that question. I had to think not just about what inspires me, but what might also inspire that dear friend.

Not a common woman.
  My mom gifted me with a subscription a little over a year ago to MaryJanes Farm. What an amazing publication! It makes me feel empowered as a woman while still being filled with a wonderfully feminine theme. Power tools and fabric yo yo's all in the same magazine? Founded, published, and touched in every way by MaryJane herself, it outlines the way I would like to live.

Not a common woman.
My Mom is one of the strongest people I know. She inspires me every day to keep going, to keep living my dreams. I hope she knows the feeling is quite mutual.

Always will be far from a common woman.
 My poor weed and grass ridden flower garden sits neglected for now. It is still to early to clean up all the leaves and get my hands dirty.  April has barely begun, frosts will still come, maybe even snow. 

"Nothing is more the child of art than a garden." -Sir Walter Scott

Gardening is stimulating to my creative side in ways that my hammer and copper sheet could never fulfill. Gobs of wool and sparkle couldn't hold a candle to it. I long for it all winter and itch till the first of Spring to get out there.

I'm glad that the term 'artist' covers everything that I do, because I don't think I could define myself in any specific way other than that. I like to think that who I am, what inspires me, and what I do all make me unique and not a common woman.