Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I've lost some people in the last week's time. People I loved, that I hadn't seen in some time, and that I have precious early family memories from my childhood and recent lovely memories
Someone who had me try Dr. Pepper for the first time, in Texas. Because us Northern folk hadn't even heard of the stuff, and who knew that it was number one above Pepsi AND Coke in that state.

Someone who called me Hoots, "Hia Hoots!" in that southern accent that made you wonder how he ever could have grown up in the mitten.

Someone who caused me to be in my first wedding, and this flower girl forgot to throw the petals till she was at the alter. Someone whose bride wore lavender, and I thought that was really neat, still do.

Someone who was my first pen pal. Nevermind that I only heard from him on Holidays (because he called my Grandma,) and near birthdays (because Aunt Jean did it for him.) 

Someone who gave me a, "Somebody in Texas loves me." shirt when he surprised us with a visit while camping. I remember I outgrew that shirt, and it was so special to me that I was horrified and threw a fit when my mom gave it away to some friends of ours. A memory I'm still a bit embarrassed about, because I realized much later that it was just a shirt and it was given to someone less fortunate than I.

Someone who messed up my Minnie & Mickey teeter totter puzzle SO bad when I accidentally left it behind that I had to cheat to solve it. Then I messed it up  just as bad.

I lost someone else too...

Someone who bought me sparkly things on an afternoon out to Maggie's Hallmark. Girls love sparkly things. 

Someone who was my mum's best friend.

Someone who always had a soft spot for me.

Someone who had a pool where I could NOT reach the bottom still, and it scared me, but I loved being there.

Someone who read me Pandora's Box when Mom had to run off to work.

Someone who made a GREAT Kahlua and cream.

Someone who made Chili just as comforting as my mom's.

Someone who made me laugh.

Someone who helped keep my mom sane during wedding planning, who made me the most beautiful complement to my dress, that I will cherish. Always.

Someone who had a tough exterior and the softest heart.

I'll miss her very much.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just updated some things..

Hey all! I've been very absent from my blog but, I have been very busy doing lots of things I have wanted to blog about! Unfortunately, most of them will have to wait for another day.

Today's blog? What is it's purpose? Why to tell you all about how I updated every other thing on my blog and in my shop. :D

My class schedule for the fall has been updated under my, "Classes and Workshops" heading, my show schedule (though a very short list at this point!) has been updated under my "2013 Schedule" heading and also includes a few exhibitions I am a part of in the coming months, AND the shop got updated last night.

I think that just about covers it... I will have some really exciting posts (at least to me!) about my adventures in the Fermentation Suint Method (FSM) for washing fleeces.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fiber Art Rolags!

Last week I debuted the first set of these fiber art rolags, but I wanted to make sure that I gave credit to the amazing fiber artist who shared her method of creating them. Right now blending boards are all the rage for creating these lately, and while I knew I could make one for less than I could purchase one, (and they are in fact reasonable!) I didn't think I needed to acquire yet another piece of fiber equipment before at least a little experimentation.
Then I discovered Michelle Snowdon of Wooldancer had posted an incredible video on her site of how she creates her beautiful rolags right off of her carder.
In her beautifully filmed and edited video, Michelle shows not only how to create them, but how to spin them.

I love spinning rolags, especially on my drop spindles because I find it is easier to manage than a strip of a batt or roving when I am already worried I'll drop it or get tangled! I'm hoping to film a video soon demonstrating this so look for that soon!

Anyhow, I am addicted to making these things now. They are bit more time consuming than just making a batt since you are individually pulling them off of your carder, but they are definitely worth it for the results.

These ones are heading for the shop tonight at 8 PM EST along with some Betty Batts.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I've been a little obsessed... an ode to my love of pinterest

So I'll be the first to admit it, I am a Pinterest addict. I am obsessed. On it every day and pinning constantly... I was shocked to find out that I now have almost 70 boards. How did this happen!?!?
Well, I gotta say, my ipad and the pinterest app itself have probably been the biggest lifesavers since having my sweet boy. When he falls asleep, I can at least dive into a world of ideas for when I have time to work on new jewelry, displays, and getting my booth just so. It has made me feel like I was actually able to work when I wasn't actually creating. Research right?

Fabulous ideas like using vintage wooden thread spools for price tag holders
... and thanks to Vintiquities Workshop's Blog, and her tutorial on making a jewelry display bust, I was able to tweak her design a bit to suit the displays I had created in 2013 to become everything I hoped for and more.
sorry for the crummy photo but you get the idea. :D
 The paint job on the bust itself is one of the coolest and most simple ideas I discovered on pinterest. It is an Elmer's glue tutorial. Whaddya need? Two colors of paint, some brushes, the items you wanna paint, and some wood glue. THAT'S IT! Here's the link to the tutorial on their site.... and here are some in progress photos. :D
Base coat of brown spray paint
top coat of an off white paint - got a sample that was either a screw up or no one wanted for a buck off the "mistake" table at Lowe's :D
All Dry! i ended up not liking the green so I went back and did them white also. luckily I wasn't out anything cause the green paint was left over from my shutter displays.
You can find me on pinterest here. :D

 I also finished 15 new necklaces today. You saw a peeky gander of them above on my new display piece but here are a few more nice peeks and closeups.
I can't wait to get started on more of these, bracelets and earrings to come also! These are in preparation for the MSU Arts and Crafts Fair on May 18-19. I'll be sharing a booth with my good pal Faun. She will be displaying and selling her rad prints and is so much fun, I can't wait!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mid April Updates!

As Spring starts to shine (or rain really...) in my neck of the woods, I am seeing little glimmers of hope for warm lovely weather as my Day Lilies and Irises show their lush green leaves. 
I have begun teaching again (a post for another day!) and have fired up the dyepots to replenish my personal stash for batt making again, frantically working on new jewelry designs for an upcoming show, and am loving being a mommy. Life for my sweet family is anything but settled still, but the promise of warmer weather certainly helps raise our spirits.
Something else that helps raise my spirits? All the amazing vegetables and herbs I have started seeds for our raised beds that will be happening this year.
Also, COTTON!!! :D Dear Laila of laigrai fibers hosted a beautiful vintage spin along a couple years back which came with a gorgeous cotton boll. I plucked the seeds from it with hope that I would be able to grow it at some point and happened upon them carefully sealed away in their little envelope. 
I can't wait to be able to use some of my very own home grown fiber. I am hoping it will be ready in time for me to dye it up at Tiller's International's natural dying class this July. 
Did I mention I updated the shop? There are several batts awaiting new homes to be spun or felted into lovely things. Many of these ones are packed with some super deliciously soft merino and absolutely amazing glossy soft curly locks.
Next shop update will be filled with luscious locks and handspun goodness!

Monday, March 18, 2013

a word about novelty

or several....

So the ol' term "novelty yarn" is really starting to grind my gears. I never really used the term before, and then was completely put off by it when I took a class with Jacey Boggs a couple years ago. She seems to feel the same and definitely put the reason why into perspective for me.

Sitting in front of our class she asked us what we thought of when we heard the word novelty and my mind jumped to the crap you find at tourist traps... which was kinda what she was getting at.

I started teaching again a couple of weeks ago, teaching spinning for the first time. These wonderful students who are beginners have already heard this term and are asking about it. While I am happy that I am able to dissuade them from using it about their beautiful yarns, it is disheartening that it is becoming so commonly used.

To all of you out there who use it in your listings, teaching, in books and other print, I have one thing to say. I urge you to PLEASE STOP!!!

Here's why:
 (definition is taken directly from


[nov-uhl-tee] Show IPA noun, plural nov·el·ties, adjective
1.state or quality of being novel, new, or unique; newness: the novelty of a new job.
2. a novel occurrence, experience, or proceeding: His sarcastic witticisms had ceased being an entertaining novelty.
3. an article of trade whose value is chiefly decorative, comic, or the like and whose appeal is often transitory: a store catering to tourists who loaded up with souvenir pennants and other novelties.
4. Textiles.

a. (of a weave) consisting of a combination of basic weaves.
b. (of a fabric or garment) having a pattern or design produced by a novelty weave.
c. (of yarn) having irregularities within the fibrous structure.
So we have here, not only the standard definition, but this has so commonly been used in the textile industry that it has it's own specific section under the definition of the word, and it's not so good folks. 
"(of yarn) having irregularities within the fibrous structure" 
With the popularity of "art yarn" out there, you may think that all the funky bits that make that yarn "irregular" are what this definition is referring to. I suppose it is up for interpretation, however, my feeling is that 
Most people, when they are making yarn, are making it not just to be beautiful, but also so that it will stand the test of time. You don't want any portion of it to have irregularities causing it to break at a crucial point in a garment or other fibrous construction. That being said, why in the world would you refer to your yarn that you worked so hard to construct, in my case starting with the raw fleece directly from the sheep, picking the vegetable and poo bits out, washing it by hand, dying it, and blending it lovingly before I even make it to my wheel to spin. 
Stop cheapening our craft. Take it seriously. Love it. 
We are not making plastic snowglobes here people.