Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Fiber Art Rolags!

Last week I debuted the first set of these fiber art rolags, but I wanted to make sure that I gave credit to the amazing fiber artist who shared her method of creating them. Right now blending boards are all the rage for creating these lately, and while I knew I could make one for less than I could purchase one, (and they are in fact reasonable!) I didn't think I needed to acquire yet another piece of fiber equipment before at least a little experimentation.
Then I discovered Michelle Snowdon of Wooldancer had posted an incredible video on her site of how she creates her beautiful rolags right off of her carder.
In her beautifully filmed and edited video, Michelle shows not only how to create them, but how to spin them.

I love spinning rolags, especially on my drop spindles because I find it is easier to manage than a strip of a batt or roving when I am already worried I'll drop it or get tangled! I'm hoping to film a video soon demonstrating this so look for that soon!

Anyhow, I am addicted to making these things now. They are bit more time consuming than just making a batt since you are individually pulling them off of your carder, but they are definitely worth it for the results.

These ones are heading for the shop tonight at 8 PM EST along with some Betty Batts.