Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"the true artist..."

my poor neglected blog... over two months since my last post. practically three really.

I've been reflecting a lot more lately. I use to have a calendar that had an awful lot of quotes in it and one was, "If you can't do what you like, like whatever you do." Now I do what I like when time allows and I don't have a mess on my hands like here....

Due to the fact that we had a large crack in our cast iron plumbing pipe (most likely the original to our good ol' 83 year old house,) many things had to be moved from the 'storage' side of the basement to the studio side. This amongst wedding plans and knowing I had a show barely two weeks after we got back from the honeymoon a great reorganization took place. It progressed...

and I now have this:

Hooray for order! Well it's mostly in order. I have my metal bench down here. I am so thrilled about it. I haven't had a good space to do metal work in really ever. Certainly no place designed specifically for that purpose and only for me. I have been far more productive than ever and am cranking out lots of pieces in my latest small batch production lines.

I've also finally designed some pieces that incorporate my handspun. I'm especially happy with these little chandelier style earrings.
I also spent some wonderful time with Adele and my bestest friend when she brought her son over. What a lovely afternoon.

AND AND!!! I went to an alpaca farm with a coworker. A baby had just been born that morning! I bought over 2 pounds of alpaca fiber. I'm going to try my had at natural dying with that and the pound of mohair fleecey locks I've been hoarding all summer. Here's some of the cuteness!

The second picture is the momma and her new baby. Way too adorable.

I had an art fair two weekends ago back in Adrian. There was a beautiful fairy ring of mushrooms outside the house I stayed at.

...and some more beautiful fungus at the park that I happened upon while disc golfing with joe.

I've even gotten some fiber going on the hackle! Very halloween-ish.

and finally, back to where I started. I've been thinking about my whole life situation really. I am now a happily married girl with a happy homey little place of our own, but I HATE my job. The people are great. It is just the job. It robs all the time that I could be spending doing what I love. Two quotes are increasingly becoming the root of this restlessness I am feeling to DO something about it. The first being,

"Sometimes, the pain of not doing what you love forces you to take a chance." - Stephen Goetschius, sculptor

and the second,

"The true artist is not the one who draws and paints, but rather the person whose life is adjusted to beauty in every thought and action." - Ellis Havelock

I need to live and breathe these quotes. They just might be the key.

The new artful blogging came out a while ago but, I just got the chance to snag in about a week ago. Every time I pick up that publication I am just absorbed, inspired, and baffled. I don't feel so bad about neglecting my blog now... I've been very busy but, going through all those gorgeous images gave me that extra push to get in here and give it another go. On that note, I leave an image of my best version of those lovely photos people take with their magazine tucked in there. I've been frantically crocheting these little spinning wheel hang bags out of my art yarns for the show this weekend. They hang so well on my wheel with a little orifice hook and oil pen in them.