Press n' Such

My Fibers & Jewelry have been featured in the following publications, reviews, and tutorials: 

How to Spin Yarn
Ashley Martineu's video series of impromptu spinning techniques features fibers from several indie fiber artist's including some of my Betty Batts in natural colorways. She has taken some beautiful photographs in conjunction with this series that are sure to inspire! You can purchase her videos here or watch some of her free videos here 
(the handspun yarn in the technique above was created using one of my art batts!)

Pumpkinhaus Video: The Art of the Batt - Pumpkinhaus spinning Bricolage Studios batt 

500 Felted Objects

CARD by Grace Shalom Hopkins
featuring my hand dyed fibers including locks and firestar
The listing for her ebook can be found here. 

SPINOFF Magazine
jewelry featured in the Get This! section of the Spring 2014 issue of Spinoff Magazine! 

Knitty blog: Knittyspinblog/Bricolage Studios

 Knittyspin Fiber Fiesta: Product Review!

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