Saturday, July 26, 2008

Show is over folks...

Well, the Coldwater show is over. It was a nice show despite it's very small size. Unfortunately it was in it's very first year and therefore was a very slow one. Neither my sister or I sold a thing. I did try out some new displays though. Check them out, pictures are conveniently located in this blog.
Also, very exciting news, the "Full of Sheet" line of Bricolage Studios was introduced at this show. My upcycled clothing line made from thrifted sheets was fairly well received, unfortunately the pattern I made, while working quite well for shirts, winds up looking like a muumuu if left longer for a dress.

My latest earring design also was put out in the public for sale today. My current favorite can be viewed above.

ok... the computer is harrassing me to shut down so that updates can happen. g'night

Friday, July 25, 2008


This is what stress will do to you... or me at the very least.

Today stress has caused me to post my very first blog. I have put it off for a while thinking maybe I would take back this whole having a blog thing. I hope that I have done the right thing by keeping it. You see, I have an art fair tomorrow that I feel overwhelmingly unprepared for and, rather than preparing, I am blogging. It's quick, it's easy, and I want to do it because I shouldn't be. I should be sewing sheets, hammering rivets, and making displays.

I need to get to work but i just worked all day and don't want to do anything but sit at my computer for a bit and drink some iced tea.

Oh and I'm hungry.

It can wait another five minutes.