Thursday, April 21, 2011

a lot of things

So much has been going on around here with life and with Bricolage Studios. Those of you familiar with me or even just my blog know that I have been trying to juggle two different teaching gigs, a full time job at a convenience store, and life with general while still trying to make Bricolage Studios all that I know it can be. At the end of this month I will be taking a HUGE step in the direction of more focus on Bricolage as I am FINALLY quitting my job. Excited. You bet. Anxious? Scared out of my mind? Hell yes.

Why did I suddenly feel capable of taking the plunge you might ask? Well, to be honest I was glugging Pepsi's and any other sugary caffeinated beverage I could  get my mitts on to keep me going which recently made my body scream, "NOOOO MORE!!!" I have been sick more times in the past year than I have been in the two years before this combined and when I started having some serious stomach pains realized two things. One, I need to lay off the caffeine, and two, I need to take care of myself and cut something out. Since most of my stress came from dealing with the day to day at the one job that I was getting the most regular paycheck the decision was not made lightly or quickly but I truly feel it was the right one to make. I have wanted nothing more since I decided that I would follow my dream of being an artist than to do just that. I remember reading somewhere that even if you never catch your dreams, at least you'll have the experience of chasing them. I'm ready to really chase my dreams. I'm submitting to books, adding more shows to my schedule, adding to my existing jewelry lines, and creating one of a kind jewelry like this again.

Not only am I going to be vamping up the etsy store, I am also going to have more time free to actually work on... well, my work. I am very excited for show season this year and will be updating my schedule as it unfolds.

In the meantime, I'm counting down the work days (5 if anyone was wondering,) until I'm done with the store with great anticipation and looking forward to following my dreams.