Sunday, June 5, 2011

dying for midwest and spinning for me :D

I dyed about three pounds of fiber last night after the heat finally subsided outside. I held off hoping it would cool down and at about 11 P.M. it was like somebody flipped the humidity/heat switch outside and it became blissfully breezy and nice. You betcha I threw those dyepots on the stove! I had so much yumminess to dye! I bought two new fleeces at Michigan Fiber Fiesta while my mom watched my booth. A stunning crimpy beautiful CVM fleece and a few pounds of Jacob. I had never worked with either of these wools before so it was really lovely to go through the regular process, pick, wash, wash, wash, pick a little more, (ever notice how so much more comes through once it is clean!?) dye, rinse, and my FAVORITE part, once the water is spun out spreading each bit of fiber out onto the drying rack. The Jacob was so poofy and lovely and the CVM with it's lovely crimp and softness is outta this world! I can't wait for it to be dry so I can card it into some more batts for Midwest Fiber and Folk. 
 What is laid out on my table is really exciting me too: teeswater, teeswater lamb, suri, the last of my super crimpy BFL fleece and the BL lamb, silk noils and hankies, and some wool neps. Those are what is on my agenda today to dye up along with some banana fiber and cotton sliver that will soak while I do some lesson planning.
I was so antsy to card what was still wet last night that I ended up carding myself a batt from what was left in my stock to take the edge off, lol! Can't wait to spin it to start my day of work! Man it feels good to say I'm working and have it be something I enjoy.