Thursday, October 20, 2011

chasing whimsy part I

I've finally arrived home after a wonderful two week adventure.

Let's preface this adventure with the last minute scrambling that seems to always happen to me before a show. This time of course it was compounded with the enormity of the two week trip I was about to take from Michigan to New Hampshire and then New Hampshire to Tennessee and finally home again.

I had just finished up with Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival where I was greeted with a nasty cold starting just as I was packing up. That being said, the following week I was fairly useless and had a hard time getting much done until about Friday. I scrambled to meet my goal of at least 50 batts for SOAR and came up with 42 (not too shabby!)
Earlier that week my husband had introduced me to the joy of podcasts. I downloaded several for the trip but couldn't resist listening to a few during my mad last minute carding session. I was absorbing the incredibly funny and insightful "Joe Rogan Experience" with Kevin Smith as his guest when two words really struck me from Kevin Smith. Now we all know Kevin Smith as the creator of such films as Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks, Mallrats, and the list goes on... Silly movies? Yes. Intelligent man behind them who is seriously insightful and inspiring? Also very true. He was speaking about how he started living out his dream and to be honest, without going back I can't tell you EXACTLY what he said but he left it at, "... I've been chasing whimsy ever since."

Now that is a powerful statement.

I've been mulling it over and thinking of it often these past weeks and I will not soon forget it. My whole trip I just kept thinking, "Wow, that is EXACTLY what I'm doing RIGHT NOW!" It is an incredible thing to be even attempting to live out your dream and I hope everyone has the opportunity to do so. With a few drinks in me I've rambled on about it with great emotion too. WHY is everyone droning on from day to day hating life? Go do something about it. Do I have any money right now? Certainly not. Am I happier for it, you can bet I am, because at the end of the day, I have no regrets and I can die tomorrow knowing that I tried. How many people can say that?

Next time: Chasing Whimsy Part II
From Michigan to New Hampshire