Monday, November 24, 2008

bad blogger

So I just finished devouring the latest Artful Blogging today. While it was packed with all the wonderful inspiration it always has, it also reminded me of something. I'm a terrible blogger! I haven't made a new post since September and it is now nearly December!


So, I'm swearing that I will be a much better blogger starting TODAY. I've had plenty to blog about, and have even thought about doing so. Here we go with the catching up game...

First of all, exciting news for me! I made my first etsy sale! Not only that, but several followed in the few weeks afterward. I'm completely stoked about it and hope to continue to have success with selling my work through etsy. It might just be my favorite place to be on the web. Period. =)

Secondly, I participated in a craft show for the first time. I really wrestled with the decision to do so because I have just always felt like no matter how based in craft my work was, it wouldn't be accepted in that type of setting. I ended up taking the plunge and paying the mere $30 entry fee with big plans. I would have my newest handcarded wool batts for sale, some of my handspun as well as some of my spinning partners' yarn (mom and jill,) and some of my felted bracelets. Since it was a holiday craft show, I thought I should probably have a bit of a backup plan. I felted over lots of glass ornaments in various colors of roving (with the help of my amazing boyfriend because I never would have finished,) and I decorated some small wreaths with handfelted and machine stitched leaves, sliced walnuts, and buttons. I thought for sure these would be a hit, that they would sell like hotcakes. I DIDN'T SELL A SINGLE ONE! However, I did sell some of my handspun, a few bracelets, and a few batts! I was shocked. I guess it just shows you that you should do what you love because it will show when you exhibit/display/sell your work.

In other news, I taught a class at the Art Center of Battle Creek a few weekends ago. It was a felted hat class and I had a ball. Though my class was small, every person in it was fantastic. I have posted a picture of all of them wearing their hats (bless them for humoring me.) I am going to post the rest of the photos from class on my myspace page. All of their hats turned out wonderfully despite my having to go with Plan B because the wool I order specifically for the class didn't arrive quite in time.

Last of all, I finally got my studio set up in the basement. It's not my dreamspace, but it's certainly better than exploding all over the dining room every time I want to work. I'd forgotten how much I actually enjoyed sitting down at the table for dinner. =) The most important thing to me about having my studio (aside from never having to put my sewing machine away,) is that I can get back to doing some metalwork. The first piece that I completed down here was for my friend Michelle who I met at Penland School of Crafts. She is an amazing artist and you can check out her blog at

The piece that I made her was inspired by some mini pieces of artwork I had purchased from her while we were at Penland. One of those pieces is in the brooch. It is the oval piece with the orange center and blue hand stitching around the edge. I repeated the oval pattern in the copper and wool, mimicked the stitching around the edge, and embellished the copper and felt. I had so much fun making this piece. It was really fun to ease back into the metal using a textile technique because all I have really been doing in the past year is fiber work. I really felt like the piece came together nicely and think I may continue using the metal stitching technique combined with the wool for more jewelry pieces. But here is the one of a kind Michelle piece.

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