Monday, February 2, 2009

Yarn from the jar...

At Jill's house there is this lovely glass jar that we stuff full of all of our scrap "fluff" from carding. That scrap fluff, we found, added up rather quickly and the jar began to overflow. Well, there is only one solution for that little problem. Make a batt of scraps!

Then of course there is the question of what to do with those lovely batts. I pondered felting them but decided that spinning would be the best course of action. I had wanted to try spinning some fabric in so I figured this would be a fitting time to do so. I tore some strips of some vintage sheets and got to work.

I am very happy to say that I finally finished spinning that yarn after a few weeks of not spinning anything and I'm quite thrilled with it. I only took a picture of it while it was still on the bobbin because I really enjoyed the way that it looked on it but it has so much more life as a skein I may need to photograph it that way to share it but, here it is...

I used some pluckyfluff methods by spinning strips of fabric into the yarn over a core, as well as spinning little "bowtie" strips into the yarn. I added some little orange slubs for some bursts of color. Oh happy yarn, happy yarn from a jar.

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