Friday, August 20, 2010

Introducing: Batt of the Month Club!

I have been having a small internal debate about whether or not I could handle doing a Batt Club. This Fall I will be cutting down to four days a week at the store (thank goodness finally!) This was made possible due to the fact that I will be teaching another section of Art Appreciation at the local community college which happens to take place in the afternoon on Thursdays. I am so thrilled to have the morning time on a weekday when I'm all by myself at home to create. No distractions and then off to teach! I know I'm still going to have my hands full because I'll also be teaching at the Art Center of Battle Creek on most Thursday evenings. No complaints here though! A whole day full of art and teaching, two things I love. How could one be upset?

Anyhow, that brings me back to the point. Since I will have more time that I can use to create art, I can use that time to custom create batts for anyone interested! The clubs will be a 3 month "membership" where you will receive 3+oz. of fiber and other goodies each month. All natural fibers will be hand dyed almost exclusively by me using Greener Shades Dyes. I am going to start off with 10 spots and if enough interest is shown I may add a few more in the future. Immagonna post one to get it up there but please convo. me on etsy if you would like me to reserve a spot for you! You can find me here.
 After a bit of a fight with Gimp, I finally finished a batt club picture that I can live with. (to be honest this may have been holding me back starting a club more than the actual time it will take me!) After trying several different font colors I settled for these two because they were the best I could do. I know some of the text is difficult to read but I am just not a graphically inclined person. Give me something tactile and I'm all in though! :D

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