Thursday, January 20, 2011

things are brewing...

Unfortunately they aren't dyepots until tomorrow! I haven't had a chance to dye more woolies in WEEKS!!!! However I do have a few announcements not the least of which that my reception at the coffee shop is a week from tomorrow. Not really any prep for it as I'm not sure if it is gonna be much more than a meet and greet, try stuff on sort of thing but I'm looking forward to it.

In other news, I've closed the shop for a wee bit. I really needed to step back and focus on a few things that I've been trying to catch up on. I'm excited to be providing fiber for an Insubordiknit workshop with Jacey Bogg's in a few months so I've been busy prepping tiny little sample batts and goody bags for that. I also have a few swap packages and blog prizes to send out *she says as she hangs her head in embarrassment for the long delay on both counts.* I took tomorrow off so I have a glorious three days of no work to hopefully manage to get all of that completed.

I start teaching my art appreciation class again next week. I'm a bit nervous as usual when I am going into a new class. I almost think it is worse than beginning to take a new class. Maybe it's because I fumble over my words and more often forget what I am actually going to say when I'm all nervous in front of all of those people. Thankfully I only have 24 students this time around as opposed to the 31 I ended up with last time.  This is another cause of the shop being closed for a bit so I can prepare for the changes I'm making this semester. I'm really excited to try to implement more hands on work in class along with contemporary references and videos. I felt like my class responded best to those activities as opposed to me yapping on for hours for the lecture portion.

The MAJOR reason I shut down for a few weeks is because I am also working on various different new product offerings for the shop, some of which I had hoped to release some time ago but have yet to get some solid headway. There will be new fiber and fiber supply, TOOLS for the spinner, knitter, all around fiberista, AND some scrumptious new batts and yarns. Stay tuned for some previews soon! In the meantime since I hate to post with no pictures (which I painfully did in my last post!) I leave you with a shot of one of my pieces that is up at the show currently.
P.S. any unsold work will be heading to the shop. Details to follow! :D


X-Stream Fibers said...

aaahhh I am going through Bricolage bat withdraw!!!!!!!

Emily Wohlscheid said...

well that's no good! something fibery i'm sure will find it's way into your hands friday night if I am still gonna see yas :D