Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BricHaus Officially Coming At Ya!

It started as a joke as we walked through a Ren Faire village on a hot summer day.

"What if we had a booth together at a show?"

"Yea, we could combine our names somehow!"

Which led to our own rendition of The Commodores' Brick House. 

We might be silly but, it definitely works, so for the first time of hopefully many, Dani of Pumpkinhaus and I will be sharing a booth at The Midwest Fiber + Folk Art Fair this year. We are BricHaus  :D

You can find us in booth 305 F and don't miss our friend Faun of Hands + Notions booth right next door in 304 F!


peacockfairy said...

It was great to see you yesterday! Pregnancy certainly agrees with you - you looked beautiful!

emily said...

thank you so much Heather! It was such a nice surprise to see you too! :D