Friday, July 20, 2012

things that made me very happy today

Handspun single - spun from an artbatt from

It was a gorgeous day out today. The first truly decent day we have had in weeks actually. The much needed rain we got yesterday too away the humidity and lowered the temps for perfect deck spinning weather.
His wee face from the ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. <3
I went to the doctor today. Everything is still moving along quite well for me and our baby boy!

"I have to snatch the leaves mommy!!!!"
AND! I got to stop and see my sister and my niece on the way home from the doctor. My niece has a grand obsession with dinosaurs as of late and I think she is trying to become one here with a boost from mommy into the trees. It is seriously a wonder this photo isn't terribly blurry as I was giggling quite hysterically while taking it.

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