Sunday, April 28, 2013

I've been a little obsessed... an ode to my love of pinterest

So I'll be the first to admit it, I am a Pinterest addict. I am obsessed. On it every day and pinning constantly... I was shocked to find out that I now have almost 70 boards. How did this happen!?!?
Well, I gotta say, my ipad and the pinterest app itself have probably been the biggest lifesavers since having my sweet boy. When he falls asleep, I can at least dive into a world of ideas for when I have time to work on new jewelry, displays, and getting my booth just so. It has made me feel like I was actually able to work when I wasn't actually creating. Research right?

Fabulous ideas like using vintage wooden thread spools for price tag holders
... and thanks to Vintiquities Workshop's Blog, and her tutorial on making a jewelry display bust, I was able to tweak her design a bit to suit the displays I had created in 2013 to become everything I hoped for and more.
sorry for the crummy photo but you get the idea. :D
 The paint job on the bust itself is one of the coolest and most simple ideas I discovered on pinterest. It is an Elmer's glue tutorial. Whaddya need? Two colors of paint, some brushes, the items you wanna paint, and some wood glue. THAT'S IT! Here's the link to the tutorial on their site.... and here are some in progress photos. :D
Base coat of brown spray paint
top coat of an off white paint - got a sample that was either a screw up or no one wanted for a buck off the "mistake" table at Lowe's :D
All Dry! i ended up not liking the green so I went back and did them white also. luckily I wasn't out anything cause the green paint was left over from my shutter displays.
You can find me on pinterest here. :D

 I also finished 15 new necklaces today. You saw a peeky gander of them above on my new display piece but here are a few more nice peeks and closeups.
I can't wait to get started on more of these, bracelets and earrings to come also! These are in preparation for the MSU Arts and Crafts Fair on May 18-19. I'll be sharing a booth with my good pal Faun. She will be displaying and selling her rad prints and is so much fun, I can't wait!

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