Friday, August 5, 2016

Macro Lens for your cell phone

I few months back I decided to try a month free of Amazon Prime and went on a small shopping spree. One of my purchases was this little set of lenses for my cell phone's camera.
They actually came with a little clip for each one but it is easier to just carry one in the little pouch they came in. The lens on the left serves double duty as a FULL SCREEN or a Fish Eye lens. I played with them a little bit over the week of the fourth of July. Joe, Gareth, and I had been grocery shopping near the airport that the Battle Creek Field of Flight Air Show is at every year and came out to a scene of hot air balloons launching so we stayed and got a free show!

I keep these in my person and still often forget about them so I was glad that I had the forethought too with the balloons that day. We used to go to the festival all the time when I was a kid so it was really wonderful to share with Gareth that day.
The other lens serves as both a Wide Angle and a Macro. I don't use the wide angle much but the Macro was the whole reason I purchased these. I was really disappointed that I still was having trouble getting good detail shots of my jewelry. Texture is really the theme of all of my work so when that is not being conveyed well enough, I don't feel like the photo does it justice.
The way I was able to highlight these exquisite teeswater lamb locks and the salvage really allows what makes my Betty Batts so uniquely textural to shine through. These batts in my ALGEBRAIC colorway are available in the SHOP right now BTW!

It really allows me to focus right in on the detail I want to, as it should! I like that it's companion is out of focus in the background so I can so subtle variations in the yarn from piece to piece without having it be too busy.
I practiced a little bit with it on the way up to Marquette back in June and took this beautiful shot of lichens at a rest area.
 I also played with the full screen and the fish eye a little more when we got to Lake Superior.

Here is a link to where I got my lenses! I am very pleased with them and they really were a minimal investment and even have the option of adding a telephoto lens to the package!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Behind the Scenes Series

I've just settled into my Spotify weekly playlist to write a post to you all about something. What happens behind the scenes of a one woman indie fiber business? Well, a lot, but not always what you would expect.

Today I watched my nephew and had some running to do, mostly for the kids. Hard things... like dropping off a preschool application. I'm torn between feeling incredibly sad that he is already 4 (well... will be in a matter of weeks) and elated that I could have 4 whole days a week to go to my studio and work. Set hours. Structure. I need that.

After my nephew got picked up, I decided I would do a little photographing and thought it would be a great time to try out that new Instagram stories feature. Well... it didn't work out very well. I think I deleted about 12 failed attempts and decided that since I already had been about to share my new photo setup (it's genius!) that I would just periscope it.

Gareth totally crashed the periscope session. During and immediately after, I thought... "what a disaster!" Then I watched it and I loved it. I think I finally got over my camera jitters after jumping into periscope a few months back which probably has a lot to do with the fact that I teach an awful lot. So here it is, now located on youtube (because I have a youtube channel now too - check it out!)

I also started playing with my Macro Lens that I got for my cell phone's camera. I'm gonna blog about that tomorrow but here is a peek at a photo I posted on istagram with it.