Monday, May 18, 2009

Fairy Doors?

You definitely find out the strangest things in the most unexpected places. Linette and I shared a booth last year at the Art A licious festival in Adrian and had such an encounter. Linette makes tiny pottery, and by tiny I mean she throws with a toothpick to make the coolest little pots anybody has ever seen. I'm a bit partial, but seriously, you should see how cute and tiny they are. Anyhow, just about every other person had to say the obvious, "Oh! These would be so perfect for a doll house!" or ask the question, " Did you make these for doll houses?" After several of these inquiries it was becoming difficult for either of us to keep the smiles on and not be irritated, until this one guy. We didn't get irritated with this gentleman, in fact, I was kind of fascinated. He was completely different. Gone were the questions about doll houses, he wanted to know if Linette ever left her creations at fairy doors. At this point I thought, "boy this guy has lost it." But then, oh then! He began to explain to us (we were clearly puzzled,) that in Ann Arbor there were several businesses that had tiny little doors on the front of their shops that people often left tiny offerings at for the fairy folk.

I go to Ann Arbor pretty frequently and I have never encountered these tiny doors or heard anyone there talk about them. To be completely honest, I forgot about this conversation almost entirely until today. I was on Etsy's main page and saw a nifty single wine bottle rack from seller and then began to peruse this seller's other items. Really gorgeous woodwork, I especially loved their boxes and then I noticed they had a category of "Fairy Doors." How CUTE! I want one for my garden... These doors led me to finally look up Ann Arbors claimed fairy doors and they are the coolest little things. Some of these shop owners have even gone so far as to create a little "home" behind the door with windows from the inside so that you can see everything the little magpies have collected. This website is your direct link to pictures and locations of these little babies. I'm thinking I may have to go on an adventure. I wonder if fairies like wool....

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