Wednesday, September 29, 2010

100 posts (GIVEAWAY!!!,) 2 shows down, 3 pepsi's, and 8 dyepots

My word! What a few weeks I've had!

Art a licious while fun was a bit of a bust. I always do this show because it is one of few times where I like to go back to my Alma Mater. Always a fun time and the show has improved over the past few years. Starr was an amazering booth partner as always and it was lovely to catch up with friend and go to the tea pantry in Tecumseh.

Last weekend was Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool in West Branch. I had a really great show for the first time but grossly underestimated my time to replenish stock.... hence the 8 dyepots and 3 pepsi's The woolies are cooling a bit now before I rinse and put em' out to dry for some serious batt making tomorrow evening.

I scored a few really nice fleeces at NML&W ( a teeswater x and a Border leicester lambie fleece) and I got my beautiful horn to be made into jewelry soon. I am thinking that horn and antler pieces will be my January Brownstone show pieces... more on that later. :D

And finally, I had hoped to have a beautiful post full of pictures from the past few shows in this post but instead, you get the cliff's notes update of the past few weeks. Sorry folks. The most important thing, I think anyway, is that this post marks my 100th post and I'm having a second giveaway! The only real request I got was for jewelry so I have decided to go with it.

Who wants a shawl pin?
I mean really, who wouldn't? :D

To win one of my shawl pins , please suggest a color combo and a fancy name for it in the comments here. I will randomly draw a winner who will receive a pin in their suggested colorway and I'll add it to my line.

I'll leave the window open for commenting for about two weeks so suggest away!

Thank you dear readers and wish me luck at Yarncon!


pumpkinhaus said...

Yes!!! Shawl pins!!!

I would like turquoise :) pleez... lol... um, a catchy name? I am so brain dead right now. hmmm... something, something patina. I'll get back to you on this!


Drucilla Pettibone said...

wonderful giveaway emily! i think la fee verte (the green fairy, a nickname for absinthe) would be a cool fancy name for a shawl pin with deep green accents!

best of luck at yarncon!

Oma's Patch said...

I think a garnet would go nice. It reminds me of a Treasure Found.

laila said...

Oooohhhh shawl pin!
I would go for a deep indigo! Or a sapphire
or like a fog blue... I would call it ....sullen storms or
dark blight + crest of the crustacian (spelling?)
& then I'd use it in my winter line & make a shawl to
match its' majesty !

Emily Wohlscheid said...

ooh! laila that gives me ideas... imma hafta get with you about something I've been starting to mull over with a friend here for an exhibition... :D

Xtina Marie said...

green and mustard yellow! name? green poupon! haha sorry, dorky, i know...

Emily Wohlscheid said...

green poupon is wonderfully dorky, lol! thanks christina! :D

Xtina Marie said...

if i were to win, you would absolutely not be required to keep such a silly name! i am sure i can come up with something for graceful...hehe