Saturday, October 9, 2010

psst... HEY! you're gonna miss the GIVE AWAY!

I mean seriously people, possibilities of free things don't come along every day. So if you want a chance at one of my Cosmic Poppy Shawl Pins, check out post 100. All the details are there. :D

Still open for a bit but I've only had two comments so far and wanted to make sure that it wasn't just my lack of blogging as of late that was causing the hold up.

At any rate, I've finally been able to breathe a sigh of relief as I finished my back to back to back weekends of shows. I'm quite happily sipping one of my favorite Michigan wines, Leelanau Cellars Great Lakes Red if you were wondering, and trying to catch up on the internet side of things. Funny how time gets away when you are INSANELY BUSY!

So for a quick recap of things:

First stop, the ol' alma mater of Adrian. I had a terrific time though sales were slow at Art A Licious. I I have participated every year the festival has been held and it honestly has gotten better as years have passed. Sharing a booth with Starr is of course always a treat as well. :D Plus! I made this rockin' hat for my friend Kendra while sitting in the booth, she is the model of course.

 Next stop, West Branch, MI. Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool was such a wonderful show. Nice people, plenty of setup time and easy to access the building to do so which is always a plus. I did wonderfully at this show and did I mention how nice the people were? Jill had a booth next to me and mom was there for cheap help. Many laughs over the weekend on the beautiful fair grounds. It was rather windy, chilly, and rainy or I would have gotten some pictures of the already turning colors in northern Michigan.

Do you like my giant bag of popcorn and bottle of squirt... yeesh you'd think I would think to take things like that out of these pix by now...

Finally, Chicago. Oh, Chicago. That will have to be another post I think. :D

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Hillary Lynn said...

OMG.. i could totally work that hat :) loving this stuff, Emily! I can not wait to see your stuff at a show when i am back state-side. HUGS!