Sunday, November 21, 2010

productive time in the studio

Isn't it amazing how there are just times where you mosy into your studio space just to putter and you end up having a storm of creativity? It seems like lately I've been "having" to go down there so I almost dread it but tonight I just wanted to play. I didn't actually finish much but many ideas happened and lots of photos were taken.

I did some serious carder maintenance. The poor thing hadn't been taken off the table in a while so it was a bit scary under there. I can't believe how much texture I use that gets completely lost underneath!?!? I a bit embarrassed to show that picture. :D I did however snap one of my my carder after it was all cleaned up.

Then I carded! I only carded a few batts but they were both a blast. I made one that is very in the holiday spirit. When I pulled it off the carder it was one of those "ooooooh," moments. It is called Decked Tannenbaum and it is packed with sparkle and texture. This one is gonna go in the shop update tomorrow! (11/22/10)

I also carded a batt using my own fibers as a base with some lushmommy and handsandnotions fibers to fill it out. I mixed some of sara's (lushmommy)"sunned mushroom" mix of fiber she dyed me with a wee bit of some special fiber that Faun of handsandnotions dyed for me, a smidge or two of my own fibers plus a whole lotta texture to create a very earthy batt to go with my gorgeous SAL batt from Laila of laigrai that I got the other day. She included the most adorable little woodland mushrooms with the batt so I thought it only fitting to use the sunned mushroom mix. :D VERY excited to spin this up tomorrow night.

I've also finished a few yarns recently. I finally conquered my fear of n plying. I had had to learn how in a spinning class and did so poorly at it (not a good idea to try when you are still kind learning how to spin!) that I refused to try again. I never thought about the fact that it could be done with a chunky fun yarn that I like so I decided to give it a shot with the thick and thin single I made out of hobbledehoy's garden compost batts. I have a very tiny fiber optic Christmas tree and I think this yarn will look way better than the finger knitted garland Adele and I made last year for it. :D I'm actually really looking forward to getting the decorations out this year. It has been so hard the last few year to get in the spirit living with a super scrooge...
The next yarn is going to go to a dear friend for a special project(s) she is going to be working on. I spun a handsandnotions batt called Estella over a core and added in some poofy beehives coils with some of my hand dyed BFL. There are TONS  of vintage notions (lace, flower motifs, etc.) and some afghan salvage all spun in as well. I had a blast with this yarn!
Finally, I wanted to show another peek of what will be part of the update. :D I have dyed up so many silk carrier rods and cocoons and will be debuting them in the shop tomorrow. Here's the "motherload."
Phew! That was a big post! Update will start tomorrow between 4:30 and 5 PM EST Hope to see you there! :D

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I love the beautiful colors.