Monday, November 14, 2011

something to blog about :D

First, I'm having an update Thursday night. Time TBA with photos in my future sneak peek post!

What will be in that update? New handspun, signature batts, hand pulled rovings from my hackle, and some other assorted goodies. :D

Second, I had the pleasure of having lunch with my friend Kathy, the Warped Weaver, a few weeks ago while she was in town. She is a very talented weaver who also spins, felts, and is a true bricoleur* like myself. She came to visit when I was vending at Castle Farms wool festival where she purchased a few of my felting batts (which are heavy on Icelandic and Romney wools for their excellent felting capabilities.) Well, as so often happens in the craft world when you sell supplies, I rarely get to see what has been created from my work, so I was very pleased that Kathy had brought with her the lovely cobweb felt she had created from those batts. She let me snap a few photos so I just had to share at least one! :D
Cobweb felt by Kathy, The Warped Weaver from Bricobatts
I also was very excited to receive my first diz commission through etsy. Up until recently I had only been doing these for friends for fun. A few months ago I listed a few that I had made for the shop along with a custom listing. I was very pleased that my first custom order came from a lovely lady who I'd "met" through Tour de Fleece this summer in laigrai's group. It is such a creative joy to make these little buggers because it is yet another area where I can combine my passions between metal, fiber, and color to create something extra special and one of a kind. I really like to incorporate logos, text, and the overall feel of a person's shop when I get these requests. I hope I captured the soft, elegant style of sofTrope's aesthetic in this custom diz. Of course, you can be the judge if you visit her shop, I'm sure you'll find some irresistible goodness there!

Like what you see? Visit the shop to see how you can get your own custom made diz!

*bricoleur: what you'll read about next time!

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Beadbug said...

My mom use to make shell diz's, yours are beautiful. I think they will sell well.