Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mid April Updates!

As Spring starts to shine (or rain really...) in my neck of the woods, I am seeing little glimmers of hope for warm lovely weather as my Day Lilies and Irises show their lush green leaves. 
I have begun teaching again (a post for another day!) and have fired up the dyepots to replenish my personal stash for batt making again, frantically working on new jewelry designs for an upcoming show, and am loving being a mommy. Life for my sweet family is anything but settled still, but the promise of warmer weather certainly helps raise our spirits.
Something else that helps raise my spirits? All the amazing vegetables and herbs I have started seeds for our raised beds that will be happening this year.
Also, COTTON!!! :D Dear Laila of laigrai fibers hosted a beautiful vintage spin along a couple years back which came with a gorgeous cotton boll. I plucked the seeds from it with hope that I would be able to grow it at some point and happened upon them carefully sealed away in their little envelope. 
I can't wait to be able to use some of my very own home grown fiber. I am hoping it will be ready in time for me to dye it up at Tiller's International's natural dying class this July. 
Did I mention I updated the shop? There are several batts awaiting new homes to be spun or felted into lovely things. Many of these ones are packed with some super deliciously soft merino and absolutely amazing glossy soft curly locks.
Next shop update will be filled with luscious locks and handspun goodness!


Drucilla Pettibone said...

oh my, your latest update is so gorgeous!! you have so many beautiful and fun things going on for spring. much love to you girlie.

emily said...

thank you so much Dru! it feels good to finally start to have something resembling a schedule so I can get things done. <3