Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On nieces, the weather, and wool

First of all, and perhaps most exciting, my sister had her baby! I am now officially an aunt and little Carley is adorable. Here's a shot of my mom holding her.

As far as the weather goes, I am quite pleased despite the temperature dropping from yesterday, it is far better than snow. I went out and did some yard work yesterday which made me a bit sore but felt fantastic while I was actually doing it. I cleaned up my flower beds of all the dry dead growth from last year (I was a bad gardener and didn't do this in the fall) and while I was raking I noticed that my day lilies were already poking up about an inch and a half. HOORAY! Spring is here!

I also put in a big order for wool and a rather painful but exciting order for some more of my favorite mohair locks. I can't wait to make some beautiful batts to spin for myself out on the deck once the weather finally allows. I made root beer float batts and glittery crayon colored batts. I was channeling my inner child and got really playful with my color inspiration. I carded a few tonight and was particularly pleased with my Root Beer Float ones. Here's a picture of its yumminess.

Now, I need to go to bed...

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Jilly said...

Nieces are wonderful ... I know cuz I have 2 of the best! LYO&B YUP, I got a Google acct ... but no blog for me (maybe one day I'll get brave ... or find the time) AJ