Thursday, June 11, 2009

A wee preview...

all righty, I have been working my little fingertips down nearly to the bone, filing and cutting metal, frantically needle felting, carding up a mini storm, staining wood, buying the last few "booth ingredients," and missing a lot of sleep. I tell you what though, as stressed out as I am, I'm pretty happy. I mean really, I'm quite content. If I could quit my day job and just have the WHOLE day every day to do these things, I'd be happy as a wee little clam. Unfortunately, throwing that day job in the mix just makes me super antsy at work to get home and get bustling away at all the things I need to do that I actually enjoy... and then I end up blogging first... Here are a few pictures of some earrings designs I've been working on:

Anyhow, rather than working at the moment, I am impatiently waiting for the treasury listings on to drop because I have a fabulous set of images to make one from that I made almost a week ago. Waiting, waiting, waiting.... I just never seem to be able to time it right. It's all Peanut Butter and Grape themed but in a somewhat clever way for part of it. I found a lovely handspun from an etsy seller that had little plastic grapes spun into it and I just had to find a way to work it into a treasury and what better than peanut butter and jelly right? I'm going to hold off posting this so I can work the screenshot in here...

I also made a Goober and Grape batt set. I'm saving it for the fiber show and if it doesn't fly away there I'll be posting it in the shop. But there will be a sneak peek on my flickr tomorrow hopefully. :)

I'm really excited for the fiber show. Last time I tried to sell my batts to people who could actually seem em' was at a high school craft show and they did pretty well there so we'll see what happens in a more appropriate setting. :)

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