Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well it was a fruitful Friday evening to Saturday morning. I have been meaning to rephotograph my geode piece for some time now to submit it to the 500 Felted Objects book from Lark Books for some time now but, after trying unsuccessfully for about an hour I decided to go with the photos my professor took back in college for me. I did however get some slightly better photos of my pomegranate piece Rich in Antioxidants, to submit.

After struggling with my printer and filling out all the paperwork I finally finished getting everything together which was a good thing because it needed to be post marked by today. I had to mail a few other things this morning too, (like two checks with applications for fiber shows I'll be doing in the fall,) so Adele and I rushed off to the post office this morning just in the nick of time. Now I've just got my fingers crossed that my images and pieces were good enough to be published.

 I dusted off the carder and had a rip roaring time with it for the first time in a while and made some batts for the shop as well as a monster of a batt for myself. :D

I actually have used my carder lately, it has just felt like more of a chore than the fun it normally is but I was feeling inspired and experimental so things went great! I just listed these in the shop:
 I also have listed another candy bracelet in a new colorway in the shop. I'm calling it "Glee."

In other news, I started teaching my second metals class on Thursday. It is another cold connection class and we are focusing on boxes and lockets. If it was possible, I think I was more nervous this time around than I was during the last class. Some of that was alleviated when I realized that two of the 4 people in my class were in my last class (phew! and a big compliment that tells me I must be doing something right,) and the fact that the other two women are really kind and excited to be there. I am really excited to see what comes out of this class. There are some really creative women and all of them are very motivated. We are covering more advanced techniques including hinges and scoring and folding. I am so thrilled to be able to teach these techniques because when I learned them at Penland a few years ago they really opened a lot of new possibilities for me so it will be really rewarding to pass them along. 

Now I just have to:
  • get lesson plans done for next week
  • finish my mom's birthday present (which was last month btw)
  • finish the present for my friend Jill
  • get a submission ready for Lark Books 30 Minute Rings
and a host of other things.... 

I had an incredible dream last night where I walked into the basement and suddenly there was this door that I had never noticed before. I opened it and it let to the most beautiful space in a walkout basement. There were so many windows and tons of light coming it and it was completely empty with concrete floors ready for me to make it into a studio. It was so perfect and lovely and all I had to do was move everything from the portion of the basement I have my studio in currently over there. Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed when I woke up. It's nice to dream though... :D and now, back to work! 

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peacockfairy said...

Good luck on the book! The pieces you submitted are amazing!