Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a shawl pin

Well, after much griping, encouragement, requests, and what have you, I have finally completed a shawl pin. I definitely hemmed and hawed a bit about it myself too because I have never been one to really wear shawls or pins for that matter but I am so pleased with the final result of this one that was made for my dear friend Jill that I will be making more of them. It was made to fit with my line, Cosmic Poppies. I currently only have earrings in this line but I soon will have some pendants and more shawl pins. Of course, I will be posting some pix when I get them all finished. :D

The first photo shows it in use on one of my friend Kathy's beautiful handwoven scarves. Kathy is an amazing weaver, spinner, and all around artist. You can find out more about her from her website here.
The second photo captures a bit more of the warmth of the copper but still is not an ideal photo. The next one I make I will definitely be photographing at home and not as it is about to leave my hands. :D 
Well, whaddya think?

Next time: A pendant

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