Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm doing it... again

Every time my studio gets too messy to work in I think it must be the way that I have it layed out. Not that I don't put things away properly or that I am just so busy and working on so many things that it all gets put off until the point of overwhelming. Because I know it is a combination of things, I know that my studio will continue to evolve as I get further and further into working. My mom recently relocated her studio from my old bedroom in their house to this fabulous space my dad created for her in the basement. It is seriously cool and while it has a bit let wall space for putting all of her great storage, it makes up for it in the fact that it is just so damn cool. Anyhow, because there was less space, she didn't have the need for this craft table that I think is going to be the perfect new home for my carder.

This is the little corner so far. It still needs lots of work and reorganizing BUT, I think once it is done it will be a much better working environment for me than the catchall folding table that was smack int he way of everything that I had been using temporarily. I had to take everything off in a hurry because said table is one that I require for shows. Speaking of shows here are the photos from over the weekend.

I am so thrilled about my displays. I know I talked about em' before but I just really feel like I've got it now. I feel this every year when I change my display setup but I really mean it this time, for realsies. They are adaptable for both fiber shows and my art fairs AND they fit WAY WAY WAY better into my car without having to worry about breaking glass in my cases that were given to me. I really feel like my jewelry needs to be out to be touched and the cases made them seem untouchable for some reason. I am such a tactile person and it definitely comes through in my jewelry with all of the textures and contrast in materials.

I can't wait to get back to work in the studio once I get things in order down there. I am getting organized here, REALLY organized. At least on the fiber end of things I am. I read somewhere that you really aren't supposed to have a clean workbench. I would have to agree, whenever I clean up I can't find anything. When I'm losing entire hammers that I was just holding it can be a bit problematic to getting any work done. :D

Well back to work for me, I wanna be able to get back in there by the weekend... I'm hoping it is nice so that I can set up my entire outdoor booth and snap some photos for a few last minute show entries. So much to do.... it is definitely going to be a busy summer.

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maskingqueen said...

My dear, dear Emily...
When ever are we going to get together? Oh how I miss you. I am so excited that we'll be seeing more of each other this summer. Also, I must say that I absolutely adore your little pin cushions. ^_^
All my love,