Monday, May 17, 2010

slowly coming back...

I had one VERY busy weekend!

The annual Spring into the Arts art walk was this past Friday evening. I was a featured artist at the temporary gallery and gift shop for the Art Center of Battle Creek. There is some crummy road construction going on directly in front of the art center so we are very lucky to have this bright, large, high traffic retail location for the summer. SOOOO many people came through which is always wonderful to see, especially when I begin to wonder if this down gives a hoot about the arts. People were very supportive and receptive and so interested in all the demos. I of course was riveting, it's what I do. I brought several pieces that were ready to be assembled so that I could just hammer away and managed to finish 10 of my poppy pendants. It was a very nice time and going for a beer and some appetizers with the hubs afterward to our good ol' local brewery (arcadia) didn't hurt matters.

Anyhow, I had to make it an early night because I had to drive to Greenville the next day for my first show of the season. The Michigan Fiber Fiesta is in its first year so I wasn't sure what to expect. The venue was great, I had a nice time, AND I made a little money so that is always helpful. I took some pictures of my humble little booth with my brand new displays. (shutters scored from the neighbors garbage!) Unfortunately I haven't uploaded the photos but I will post them soon. I can post the picture that one of the people working the show took.
Not a very large picture but you can ate least see how my new box displays look. My dad was VERY helpful and put them together for me the weekend before. My wonderful husband also helped me in my last minute scramble to get everything together and painted some of my displays for me. :D

After the show I got to spend some time with my good friend Kendra before she moved the next day from the town that the show was in. It is always so nice to have a place to stay (especially a free one,) after the long day of a show.

Sunday Joe and I decided to make the haul over to Benton Harbor to check out a brewery we'd been talking about trying for a while. The Livery was a really fun place, despite the fact that it seemed we were the only people who weren't locals (everyone knew each other by name,) we really felt like comfortable and had a wonderful time sampling some beers and some of the hard ciders while watching the hockey game and eating some delicious brewery grub. :D It is always so fun to check out a new brewery and I definitely needed it after the last few months of stress. I finally got to some laundry today, it is a wonder everyone hasn't had a fit as I haven't really done any in weeks...

Joe and I also stopped at one of our favorite wineries on the way in Coloma. Karma Vista has some of the most excellent wines. Unfortunately and fortunately they don't distribute. I say that because I truly feel the quality of their wine is at the level it is because they take such care in only creating it for themselves to sell, but boy it would be nice to be able to drive 5 minutes to the store to pick up a bottle of their fabulous Watusi Red rather than the near hour and a half. All in all a good weekend, now I'm just back to work AND on jury duty the next two weeks. BUMMER!

Off to finish that laundry now, don't want the natives getting restless because they don't have clean skivvies.

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