Saturday, May 8, 2010

very small changes

Hey all! Just wanted to say that there are a few very small changes in the graphic department over here. I revised my banner so that is has my new logo on it!! I think I may still need to tweak the background color but I can only handle so much of the "graphic art" before I am frustrated to the point of ruining things. I also changed my avatar on my etsy page to my beautiful little flower logo Starr did for me!

I am oh so thrilled about all of it. :D

Also, I announced in my shop but wanted to give everyone a heads up over here. If you haven't noticed already, I haven't been listing any new items. This is due to the fact that A. I've been too busy and B. I have my first show rapidly approaching (next weekend!) I promise new items will be coming soon but in the mean time I will be photographing all new work before the show and posting on my flickr and some sneak peeks here. If you are in the west michigan area you will be able to shop my goods in person if you can make it to the Michigan Fiber Fiesta in Greenville, MI. It is at Klackle Orchards and you can find all the information here on their website.

All righty... now I must go get some carding done. Maybe there will be pictures later...

I'm gonna go hang out with this guy!

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