Sunday, March 14, 2010

Benefit Auctions

The Art Center of Battle Creek is holding two fundraisers in the form of silent auctions and sales in the coming months. I am very excited to participate in both of them! The first one will be a postcard exhibit and sale with each postcard priced at $20 with all money to benefit the art center. I am thinking that I will create some felted postcards and possibly some dyed or encaustic... I haven't quite decided. I am also participating in a postcard fundraiser to benefit my alma mater's art department. I will certainly be posting pictures of what I come up with as I complete it.

The exhibit and sale I am most excited about is the Artist Doll exhibit and auction. The art center is asking that participants choose an artist (local or world known,) and create a likeness in any medium. It was very easy for me to make up my mind on this one.

After writing a paper on Chagall's I and the Village, I was deeply touched by his whimsical and symbolic works.
But really, who couldn't be taken with him? Just look at him.  I only just realized that he passed away the year that I was born... maybe there is some sort of connection there? I also just recently was privileged to see a few of his works in person in the new wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. It is so much easier to be swept away and appreciate an artist's work when you have looked in depth at what has went into just one of their pieces.

At any rate, I am very excited to start on my doll soon. I haven't decided what to make him from but it will most likely be polymer clay for the head, hands, and feet and a soft body over wire armature. I definitely think I need to try to knit a tiny sweater for it. We'll see though. I definitely know I need to find a way to make sure that people know who it is... 

Any thoughts?

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peacockfairy said...

I'm doing the postcards too! They are fun!