Thursday, March 11, 2010

goodness I'm terrible!

Well... I got a lot of work done last night. More than I had hoped actually by the time I found my way back upstairs. I completed two more shawl pins in my Cosmic Poppy line, a brand new pendant design in the same line, worked on another pendant design (it failed but I still have hope,) AND finished a bracelet in my candy line. It was really quite gratifying. Unfortunately, I think I may have worked too long last night and I didn't even get photographs yet!

The kiddo is sick again, and while she's been pretty much hanging out watching tv the whole time it still threw a wrench in the works for me getting things done. Funny how something so small can knock your whole schedule out of whack. Also had to shop for my niece's first birthday. Any excuse to go to the toy store is A OK with me. We have this delightful locally owned store that sells the greatest stuff. They really care about what products they sell so I really feel safe shopping there.  I got her the most adorable little things that I really want to play with and knocked out a bit of Easter basket shopping for Adele. An Ugly Doll surprise action figure MAY have managed to make its way up to the counter for my own amusement too... but just look at him!!!

At any rate, photographing will happen tonight with an update in the ol' shop by Friday afternoon being realistic but I'm really hoping by tomorrow afternoon between work and other work (it feels strange to call teaching work because I am really loving it!) 

In the meantime, here is what a scatterbrained artist's workbench looks like.

I sure hope I'm not the only one.

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