Sunday, March 28, 2010

shop update tomorrow!

There will be a shop update tomorrow.

New handspun

...and, a new batt set, which I am very proud of because they are made almost entirely of fiber that I dyed myself! :D These batts were made of fibers dyed with Greener Shades dyes. The following is taken directly from their website. "Greener ShadesTM is a non-hazardous, non-chrome, low impact, heavy metal-free acid dye for use on silk, wool, nylon, or any animal fiber. Formulated without the use of hazardous metals, these dyes provides superior light and wash fastness without relying on metal compounds to achieve bright and beautiful colors."  They consist of alpaca (picked, cleaned, and dyed my yours truly,) firestar, and BFL with some banana fiber from blondechicken and a bit of angelina.

I also found my Bead and Button magazines, so begins the destash very soon. Silly me, I thought maybe they were still at  my parents house (don't know why since I distinctly remember them being here) when in fact,  I had put them in a bin of their own so that when I got ready to get rid of em' they would still be in fab. shape and all in one convenient location. DUH!

Anyhow, I just wanted to actually get a little sneaky peek up here since I usually don't manage to until after I've already posted new items.

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