Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bye bye paycheck...

Hello new EZ UP!

(image is from the site I ordered from )

I had decided when I found out my current class was running that I would be putting that paycheck towards the purchase of a better tent for shows. I've said things like this before but never quite followed through. I'd splurge on this or that in the smaller ticket item arena but never went for the big stuff. Well, after my last outdoor show last year, through rain and wind and sitting overnight on the grounds, it became very clear that I needed to invest in a serious EZ Up. I deposited my check on Monday and after impatiently waiting until my regular job paycheck could be deposited, I was able to purchase one today. Now I just pray that it was all that it said it was and arrives beautifully intact, AND here's the really important kicker, IS IT GOING TO FIT IN MY CAR? This is very important. While I have mastered the art of car tetris, no amount of flipping this line this way and that is going to fit it in if it is just too darn long. Game Over. Poor little Saturn.

If that is the case, I'm really gonna have to be sweet to the hubs and constantly be borrowing his jeep. This wouldn't be so bad except, A. no cruise control, not so bad unless the show is far away, and, B. i know my car, I know how everything has to go in, what goes where, and how my car just operates. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

OH! and who knows why, maybe it was just the beautiful weather today, maybe it was the fact that show season is looming and I wanna make sure I have LOTS of stock of EVERYTHING, but my crazy little self decided it would be a good idea to go get some more raw alpaca fiber. Nevermind that I still have well over a pound of the lovely Isis to wash, I decided I'd go for the beautiful blanket of Canute. I'm told he is now an obstacle course champion alpaca. I didn't even know those critters did things like that. I just thought they were adorable creatures who provided beautiful spinning fiber and you know, wandered around being cute... did I mention I think they are adorable. :D

Going out to 4 Musketeers Alpaca Farm in Bellevue, MI was a bit of an adventure in itself today. It is only about a 5 minute drive from work but it just seemed like I was driving forever, you know, when you get to a point where you begin to wonder if maybe you turned on the wrong road because you, "swear it was just after I turned onto this road." Well, I got there okay, but then heard a barking dog, a barking dog right by the door. outside. not tied up. Yea, it scared the hell out of me to have a German Shepherd about 5 feet from me about to attack (or so I thought.) It was at about the time where I was about to wet myself that one of the owners met me outside from the barn with a less intimidating dog and assured me that both of them were all bark and no bite. I was then greeted with several bags of first and second cuts and was faced with a decision. I was going to buy Sunflower too, until the total poundage came to over 8. I had decided I wasn't going to spend more than 50 bucks and that was way over budget.

 Anyhow, this bad boy was over six pounds so I've got my work cut out for me. I am going to my friend Kathy's this weekend for moral support and we are both going to be cleaning the heck out of some fiber with each others company, some tasty food, and some old movies. I'm looking forward to it. :D

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