Sunday, April 18, 2010


So hey all, I said a little something about a blog giveaway a few times in my most recent entries. Well, it's finally here!

The main problem was trying to figure out what to do as the "game" or drawing. The answer came when my wonderfully talented friend Starr finished designing me my very own logo. I have been thinking a lot about the branding of my business and after reading the gem of a book The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin, I really realized that I needed to have a cohesive logo and branding going on. It is so wonderful to have made so many great friends and connections through college and my other life experiences that I now know a wide range of talented people in various different media. Well Starr makes these really adorable My Little Pony buttons from her illustrations and because she knows me pretty darn well and has an excellent talent for making all things whimsical and pretty much amazing, this is what she came up with for me.

What you need to do to be entered into the drawing is to visit Starr's shop on etsy here and then leave a comment on this blog entry to let me know what it is that Starr <3's. She says so several times at the top of her blog and in her banner, so it shouldn't be too tricky. :D Also I would love to hear what you think of the new logo and banners that will soon be popping up in place of my current ones. I'm absolutely enamored with them. :D You have until Saturday the 24th of April to enter and then I will be drawing randomly from all who have left a comment. For the prize you will receive one of my brand new cosmic poppy pendants in the color of your choice. You can view an example of one here.

Plus, you should definitely take a gander at all the adorably wonderful things Starr has to offer in her shop. She's pretty darn fantastic if you asked me.

Thanks everybody! have a great week!


SweetPea Fibers said...

Starr <3's unicorns. I like her scrappy fellas too. She did a wonderful job on your logo...I'll never forget what you make.

idyll hands said...

I am soooo jealous of your new logo!!! Love love love x 1000!

It's quite obvious that Starr hearts Unicorns and other Magical Misfits. However, I'm going to bet money that she'll change her mind if she ever happens to get to try one out as a pet. They are picky, moody, snobby and way overrate. I'll take a Pegasus any day over a Unicorn :)

I want to win... so pick me!

Doreen said...

Unicorns & Other Magical Misfits!!! I love your new logo and whimsical and colorful!

Emily Wohlscheid said...

Yay! I finally got a couple takers! :D i was beginning to think I couldn't even give my jewelry away. lol! thanks everyone so far, I guess if no one else drops in you'll have a darn good chance of winning.

Holly Marie said...

Yay! Starr hearts Unicorns. And yes, I checked her etsy store. ;)
Great giveaway!
And speaking of giveaways, I am having one on my blog!!! Stop by and check it out ya'll! So far I have only 1 comment so you are doing good Emily. :)

peacockfairy said...

These logos are awesome! Perfect! I love this pendant you are giving away too. She hearts unicorns and Magical Misfits. Sorry to hear about the metal shop closing - it sounded like a really cool place!

Jilly said...

Hellooooo Emmers! In Arkansas I am ... having fun. All I can say is Unicorns and little fellas ... add me to the drawing. LYMYO&B AJ (then I'll need earrings to match)

Alice said...

Starr <3's unicorns and other magical misfits. She did a great job on your logo. I love the bright colors.

I love the pendant and hope I win!!!


maskingqueen said...

Dearest Em,
I do so heart Unicorns, etc, etc. ;-)

And to idyll hands: In my experience with Unicorns, yes, they are indeed moody...never jump over a puddle when you want 'em to. --but I love 'em anyway. ^_^

All my love,
Starrby <3

NYCLOAMR said...

Starrby *hearts* unicorns, esp. My Little Pony unicorns ;) Going to check out your etsy right now! Loved the custom pony your friend made ya.