Wednesday, April 21, 2010

flat on my face....

There has been a lot of change going on in my life recently. Most people who know me, know that I am extremely unhappy with my job. It is of course not something that can be helped right now but I have been striving to make improvements in all other aspects of my life. I love teaching at the art center and I just started a new class there. I have another great group of women in my class and am really excited to see what everyone comes out with. Unfortunately I am so busy this summer with shows that I had to cut back on the amount of classes I'll be offering to just a two night workshop (more about that later.)

Another reason I've been very busy the past few weeks is I finally found a dream job, except there's no pay in it, and it is over in two weeks. That job is a little internship at Smartshop Metal Arts Center in Kalamazoo which very unfortunately will be closing its doors in just a few weeks. This incredible non profit center is such an asset to the arts community in West Michigan. I'm in a funk about it all. I just started with them a few weeks ago and have felt so fulfilled leaving there each time (with the exception of Tuesday night when I heard the sad news.) I am trying to look at the positives about even my small part in this organization as it closes. It has been a great experience, but it is difficult to go from the high I had last week of feeling that maybe some aspects of my career as an artist were finally clicking into place. I'm just really torn up about it all and I am praying for a miracle. It just seems so unreal. I am having a really tough time writing this post. I need to get things out and just can't seem to find the words. I'm drained and upset and can't even bring myself to try to get into my own work, which I REALLY need to do.

I just keep telling myself, "everything happens for a reason."

Just surprising and mostly bad news all around. Did I mention my license fell out of my wallet and disappeared the other day? Nobody likes a trip to the secretary of the state...

or that I have jury duty in May? and my first show of the season? and that I have an exhibit at the coffee shop starting June 1 with no work finished yet?

yea I'm doing good.

As far as good change goes, I finally got me a new phone. Yup, I'm done with the bumble bee. Not only does my phone now get consistent service at my house (what a great thing to ask for when you don't have a home phone right?) I actually know who it is that is texting me (before it was a major guessing game,) AND I can send one back! AND it has a camera. WOOHOO! plus it was free because my 7 year old cell phone was eligible to upgrade... who knew?

so hey, make sure you enter my blog give away okay? it's free and will give me purpose. not a guilt trip to do so, just a reminder because 3 people signed up is kinda sad here people. Shall I extend it to next wednesday? yes I think I will. Get your comments in ya'll, because I don't give free jewelry away very often.

tomorrow is a new day and it is going to bring something good damnit!


Jilly said...

hang in there girlie ... God has a plan even when we don't see it. Often we have to go through rough times cuz He is preparing us for something even better ... beyond our imaginations! LYO&B AJ

Alice said...

Sorry to hear about the difficult times you are having. Like the old saying -- when it rains, it pours.

Hopefully things will smooth out soon, and maybe you will find a job that you enjoy.

Until then, just take one day at a time.

idyll hands said...

And yes - everything does happen for a reason. It's so hard to see sometimes... but just know that something right is around the corner. :)

Hillary Lynn said...

chin up hun! things always work out;) you are one strong cookie and this happening just shows how much you can take and what positive results will be coming your way after this little stint is over.

ALSO i would love to take part in this raffle! me me!

hugs from morocco!