Friday, April 2, 2010

it was a very good mail day...

the mailbox wasn't empty (have you ever noticed how that is almost as disappointing as getting bills?...almost,) no junk mail (at least none addressed to me,) and absolutely no bills. Quite the contrary actually. A small check and not one, but TWO packages.

The first package was an adorable little bag from ravelry. Last October at the Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor a woman came in my booth with the most adorable bag with cartoony depictions of several different fiber bearing animals. Too cute! I of course had to ask about it and came to find that it came from ravelry. How did I miss this pure cuteness? Because it is constantly out of stock apparently. Well the ravelbot let me know last Friday that they were available again so I jumped right on it. I'm sooooo very happy it came today! 
 (image is from ravelry's website and you can purchase this adorable bag here)

The second package was particularly excited because I hadn't realized that it was already getting to be that time of the month for me to receive my Lush Club batts from my friend Sara at lushmommy. Sara has such an amazing eye for color and makes the most gorgeous fiber batts and dyed fibers. Anyhow, I joined her batt club and this was my second installment of fabulousness from her. I'll post a picture later before I spin up the absolutely dreamy batt. 

Now I'm off to find some dinner and possibly play some disc golf with the hubs. Life is good. :D

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