Sunday, April 4, 2010

photos of new stuff!

 I finally got around to taking some photos of a few of my new favorite creations of late. I plan on actually making something out of these yarns, I'm just not sure what yet. :D 

First up was the yarn from my first installment of  Lush Club batts from Sara of lushmommy. This fiber was sooooo gorgeous to begin with, it was hard to not end up with something amazing as a final product. Her club batts come with all kinds of fun little add in bits and/or extra fibers to spin in. For this one she made some little loomed flowers out of vintage colored raffia. Too Cute!

The next yarn is made from my small fiber splurge out of tax money from Faun of handsandnotions. This yarn was made from some of her rag bag batts that are part of her Under the Bigtop collection I believe. They were so much fun to look at before spinning, I was almost afraid they would lose some of their fun-ness if I spun em. Well I did it anyway because I just couldn't help myself. :D 
I really dig the shot above. :D 

and finally, here is a sneak peek shot at some of my new hand dyed batts that I will hopefully be posting tomorrow. 
Happy Easter!


Jilly said...

LOVE the bright colors!!! (Kennedy stayed overnight with us last night ... such fun ... her first time ever)

LY ... AJ

Emily Wohlscheid said...

oh how wonderful! did you ladies have a grand ol' time? I miss sleepovers with aunt jilly. :D