Thursday, April 29, 2010

i forgot to mention!

My super fantastic awesome and many other goods things to be said about her, friend Dani of pumpkinhaus posted a really great tutorial type video on her blog spinning up some of my batts! you can find her blog here. I was sooooo completely blown away and flattered by all of the kind things she had to say about me and my work. Thank you so much friend! Seriously, whoever said that the internet is impersonal is nuts because the support and friendship I have experienced have been phenomenal. So check out Dani's blog and her etsy shop too because her fiber and yarns and are fantastic!!! 

fiber love all around!!!! <3

and the winner is.......

Felicia from Sweet Pea Fibers!!! :D

I did it the ol' scientific way, write all the names down, cut em' up, and draw it from a box.

I've already got your addy because of the fiber swap Felicia, but I'll shoot you a message on Ravelry too to see what color you want. I just got a fab. package of fiber from Felicia with all kinds of goodies so it was kind of nice that I drew your name.

Didn't win this time? Well don't fret, I will certainly be havin' another one. Also I'm REALLY close to my 100th sale on etsy. I'm planning on a freebie coming with that so if you buy jewelry, free piece of similar jewelry, fiber, free fiber, you get the idea. :D

Speaking of fiber, while I haven't been posting on etsy, there is a good reason for that. I HAVEN'T HAD TIME!!! Also, I have been preparing for my first show of the season which is rapidly approaching (May 15, Klackle Orchards in Greenville, MI - Fiber Fiesta, the website with info and direction is here.) This show filled up really quick and it is in its first year so I'm interested to see how it is. I see a lot of vendors I'm familiar with are going to be there which I think is a pretty good sign because I'm pretty sure I've bought something from most of them and was very pleased.

 Reason number two I haven't posted anything is that I am slowly transitioning to using mostly hand dyed fiber. Up until now I have been using some hand dyed fiber and add ins (locks, woolies, etc.) and some really vibrantly colored commercial top. I have been using the Greener Shades dyes and just started getting some dying done at home. Last night I dyed about a 1/2 pound of fiber in all of alpaca, firestar, and some mohair locks. I'm really excited about this because the alpaca and the locks I bought right from the source, picked em', washed em', and now I've dyed them. Hooray! I'm really pleased with how vibrant these dyes are, especially on the synthetic sheen of the firestar. Here are my results drying.
I'll post some better pix once things are dry.

On another happier note, (I know my last post was kind of a downer,) I just firstly wanted to say thank you to everyone for the kind words and encouragement. Secondly, I wanted to share some simple beauty of spring here in the good ol' mitten state.

This photo was from a little walk Joe and I took at Leila Arboretum. For some reason this year all of the flowering trees and shrubs have seemed extra beautiful.
Looking at these photos I took a few weeks ago really snapped me back into the appreciating the little things way of thinking. It really is the little things sometimes that can cheer us up, make us laugh, and keep us going. A close friend's or even a stranger's kind words would fall into that category, so thank you readers, I leave you with that tonight... the little things.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

flat on my face....

There has been a lot of change going on in my life recently. Most people who know me, know that I am extremely unhappy with my job. It is of course not something that can be helped right now but I have been striving to make improvements in all other aspects of my life. I love teaching at the art center and I just started a new class there. I have another great group of women in my class and am really excited to see what everyone comes out with. Unfortunately I am so busy this summer with shows that I had to cut back on the amount of classes I'll be offering to just a two night workshop (more about that later.)

Another reason I've been very busy the past few weeks is I finally found a dream job, except there's no pay in it, and it is over in two weeks. That job is a little internship at Smartshop Metal Arts Center in Kalamazoo which very unfortunately will be closing its doors in just a few weeks. This incredible non profit center is such an asset to the arts community in West Michigan. I'm in a funk about it all. I just started with them a few weeks ago and have felt so fulfilled leaving there each time (with the exception of Tuesday night when I heard the sad news.) I am trying to look at the positives about even my small part in this organization as it closes. It has been a great experience, but it is difficult to go from the high I had last week of feeling that maybe some aspects of my career as an artist were finally clicking into place. I'm just really torn up about it all and I am praying for a miracle. It just seems so unreal. I am having a really tough time writing this post. I need to get things out and just can't seem to find the words. I'm drained and upset and can't even bring myself to try to get into my own work, which I REALLY need to do.

I just keep telling myself, "everything happens for a reason."

Just surprising and mostly bad news all around. Did I mention my license fell out of my wallet and disappeared the other day? Nobody likes a trip to the secretary of the state...

or that I have jury duty in May? and my first show of the season? and that I have an exhibit at the coffee shop starting June 1 with no work finished yet?

yea I'm doing good.

As far as good change goes, I finally got me a new phone. Yup, I'm done with the bumble bee. Not only does my phone now get consistent service at my house (what a great thing to ask for when you don't have a home phone right?) I actually know who it is that is texting me (before it was a major guessing game,) AND I can send one back! AND it has a camera. WOOHOO! plus it was free because my 7 year old cell phone was eligible to upgrade... who knew?

so hey, make sure you enter my blog give away okay? it's free and will give me purpose. not a guilt trip to do so, just a reminder because 3 people signed up is kinda sad here people. Shall I extend it to next wednesday? yes I think I will. Get your comments in ya'll, because I don't give free jewelry away very often.

tomorrow is a new day and it is going to bring something good damnit!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


So hey all, I said a little something about a blog giveaway a few times in my most recent entries. Well, it's finally here!

The main problem was trying to figure out what to do as the "game" or drawing. The answer came when my wonderfully talented friend Starr finished designing me my very own logo. I have been thinking a lot about the branding of my business and after reading the gem of a book The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin, I really realized that I needed to have a cohesive logo and branding going on. It is so wonderful to have made so many great friends and connections through college and my other life experiences that I now know a wide range of talented people in various different media. Well Starr makes these really adorable My Little Pony buttons from her illustrations and because she knows me pretty darn well and has an excellent talent for making all things whimsical and pretty much amazing, this is what she came up with for me.

What you need to do to be entered into the drawing is to visit Starr's shop on etsy here and then leave a comment on this blog entry to let me know what it is that Starr <3's. She says so several times at the top of her blog and in her banner, so it shouldn't be too tricky. :D Also I would love to hear what you think of the new logo and banners that will soon be popping up in place of my current ones. I'm absolutely enamored with them. :D You have until Saturday the 24th of April to enter and then I will be drawing randomly from all who have left a comment. For the prize you will receive one of my brand new cosmic poppy pendants in the color of your choice. You can view an example of one here.

Plus, you should definitely take a gander at all the adorably wonderful things Starr has to offer in her shop. She's pretty darn fantastic if you asked me.

Thanks everybody! have a great week!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my mum is the coolest!

So I have really been trying to hone the professional look and branding of my work, tags, biz cards, and most importantly now, my booth display and design. After purchasing my EZ Up, I have been a bit low on the extra cash flow and my mom being the generous mom that she is, got all sneaky like and got me a really nice booth banner all custom designed on etsy by seller zigahelen. She let the cat out of the bag Sunday for a reason I'll explain in a moment but check it out!!
It is a really nice vinyl and came with hanging attachment thingy's and the photos look so beautiful on it! I'm gonna look like such a pro! I mean... I am a pro, right? I was going to get some more photos of my work blown up to hang in my booth but this is waaaay better AND weatherproof. :D

In the next post: Why mom let the cat out of the bag AND the official announcement of how to be in the running for my blog giveaway!! :D 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

forget rest

sundays are for disc golfing

Sunday, April 4, 2010

photos of new stuff!

 I finally got around to taking some photos of a few of my new favorite creations of late. I plan on actually making something out of these yarns, I'm just not sure what yet. :D 

First up was the yarn from my first installment of  Lush Club batts from Sara of lushmommy. This fiber was sooooo gorgeous to begin with, it was hard to not end up with something amazing as a final product. Her club batts come with all kinds of fun little add in bits and/or extra fibers to spin in. For this one she made some little loomed flowers out of vintage colored raffia. Too Cute!

The next yarn is made from my small fiber splurge out of tax money from Faun of handsandnotions. This yarn was made from some of her rag bag batts that are part of her Under the Bigtop collection I believe. They were so much fun to look at before spinning, I was almost afraid they would lose some of their fun-ness if I spun em. Well I did it anyway because I just couldn't help myself. :D 
I really dig the shot above. :D 

and finally, here is a sneak peek shot at some of my new hand dyed batts that I will hopefully be posting tomorrow. 
Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

my favorite smell

the first real rain of spring is happening right now.
absolute beauty

Friday, April 2, 2010

it was a very good mail day...

the mailbox wasn't empty (have you ever noticed how that is almost as disappointing as getting bills?...almost,) no junk mail (at least none addressed to me,) and absolutely no bills. Quite the contrary actually. A small check and not one, but TWO packages.

The first package was an adorable little bag from ravelry. Last October at the Fiber Expo in Ann Arbor a woman came in my booth with the most adorable bag with cartoony depictions of several different fiber bearing animals. Too cute! I of course had to ask about it and came to find that it came from ravelry. How did I miss this pure cuteness? Because it is constantly out of stock apparently. Well the ravelbot let me know last Friday that they were available again so I jumped right on it. I'm sooooo very happy it came today! 
 (image is from ravelry's website and you can purchase this adorable bag here)

The second package was particularly excited because I hadn't realized that it was already getting to be that time of the month for me to receive my Lush Club batts from my friend Sara at lushmommy. Sara has such an amazing eye for color and makes the most gorgeous fiber batts and dyed fibers. Anyhow, I joined her batt club and this was my second installment of fabulousness from her. I'll post a picture later before I spin up the absolutely dreamy batt. 

Now I'm off to find some dinner and possibly play some disc golf with the hubs. Life is good. :D