Friday, August 5, 2011

Amazing Wednesday and Update August 8, 2011

A few days ago I had a most exciting day of work. Every job I have had since college I have worked alone. Behind the register at the store I was the only one there, teaching by myself at the college and the art center, and of course working alone in my studio. Wednesday I was able to work with two amazing women whose talents and excitement for color, yarn, and fiber I quite admire. Joe and I had a huge BBQ at our house last weekend for my birthday and while we were chowing on some excellent foodage and all of our respective kiddos were playing, Dani, Gloria, and I hatched a plan to get together on Wednesday at Dani's and do some serious carding.

Adele and I met up with Gloria and the boys in kzoo and off we went to Dani's. A backseat full of kids and the back back of the roo (subaru that is :D) stuffed with our woolies and my drumcarder (oh and snacks, can't forget snacks!)

Gloria was a machine on that carder! She took to it with such fervor! Look out everyone because she made some of the most gorgeous batts I have ever seen and it was only her second time using a carder! While we're speaking of Gloria, she is the mastermind behind not one but two lovely etsy shops. Purplecitrus is filled with lovely pins from fibery goodness and hopefully some fabulous supplies like these babies she made me for my birthday from some of my accidentally felted locks. Her other shop gets me in trouble with the gorgeous scarves and bags she makes! (check it out here at Gloriakirk!)

Dani and I have been joking for about a year now about sharing a booth and calling ourselves brichaus (if you don't know already, Dani is the amazingly talented fiberista behind pumpkinhaus.) We met by chance while I was vending at a fiber show and have been buds ever since. We had gotten together at her place at the end of June and played a little dueling carders that day (I tried out her vintage coarse louet and she tried out my strauch 205.)  There was definitely a little bit of brichaus born that day. This time around I had my fiber with me too though and we both carded a mess of batts using bits and pieces from both (plus a wee bit of Gloria's stash) as we passed our goods between each other. I carded to the point where I lost track of time and the amount of batts I made! I couldn't even believe it and was terribly excited that we'd finally been able to fully collaborate sharing fibers and our carders. So this coming Monday, August 8, 2011, I will finally be releasing the first of hopefully many in the future in the brichaus line of batts.

So nice to finally have some coworkers. :D


Oma's Patch said...

It is so fun to do art projects with others, from the socializing to inspiration it is a wonderful experience.
I love the play on words with Brichaus!!!

emily said...

lol thanks Kate! we definitely get a little 'funk'y when we start talking about it! brown chicken brown cow!