Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Do you ever hesitate to share good news until you know it is FOR SURE? I have been holding off blogging some particularly good news because I wanted to wait until the book was in my hot little hands. Some close friends and family already knew this but, I've been published.

Did I submit to a magazine? Nope, I went ahead and took the jump forward right into a book. Lark Books are one of my two favorite publishers and they have been putting out books for the past few years that are part of what they call their 500 Series. I'm constantly stalking their get published page and happened upon the submissions for 500 Felted Objects over a year ago and I FINALLY have the exciting satisfaction of holding that book in my hands. I am seriously bubbling with joy because it still seems so unreal to be published in a book with such a multitude of talented artists, especially when they are people whose work I have admired for some time now (Andrea Graham and Lisa Klakulak to name a few...)

The book comes out for purchase September 6, 2011 but you can preorder it on amazon! I'm on page 322 if you are wondering. :D yay! 

wow.... so excited! :D