Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sneak Peeks for the update!

Just some peeks and previews of what is going into the update tomorrow, Wednesday August 17, 2011!

I picked through lots of alpaca, wool, and wool locks today and am working on washing and dying them as I type. Teeswater lamb, teeswater ewe, CVM cloud, and huacaya alpaca are all pictured here.
Joining them in the shop will be the return of Neps n' noils (of the wool and silk variety!) Some new lock and fleece mixes, and some mixed up variety packs.

Also going into the shop are some brand new bricobatts! Here are some peek of the batts that are fresh off the carder from today!
Laguna Peek - makes me think of the she-ra lagoon my sister had when we were kids. :D
English Breakfast Tea - This batt just seemed so prim and proper, like a wee little teacup and saucer just waiting for tea time.
Vintage Kitchen - yea... I really love this colorway and remake it often. :D I'm apparently not the only one who likes it though!
Mail Pouch - Reminiscent of faded barn ads, hay bales, and overalls.
Bedknobs - This magenta just popped on top of the mustardy gold, like Miss Price's worn afghan on the travelling bed with it's magical knob!

Update will start at approximately 9 PM EST. Hope to see you there!

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