Thursday, August 25, 2011

the yarn that had direction and didn't quite know what to do with it

I'm not one to shoot photos of myself. My profile picture on facebook has changed a total of maybe 3 times in 6 years. I just don't typically like pictures of me. Today, however, I finished a freeform crochet hat. That always deserves a photo shoot. Have you ever noticed how something looks different on you in a mirror compared to in a picture? Well, at least for me it is a good indicator of whether this hat is meant for me or not. I think it just might be. :D
Looking silly modeling my newly made hat
View from the crown

Poor hat.... it had been sitting, neglected, for almost a year in a project bag and my fingers had been itching to do something that did not involve technology for at least a little while. I remembered why it had been sitting too... I felt like I was ruining some absolutely fabulous yarn that I'd made from some lushmommy fiber nearly two years ago I'd say... Other tidbits include some of my own fibers in yarn form, some handsandnotions fiber made to yarn, and a little bit of yarn from long ago closed shop evonnewee.  I am strong believer in handspun yarn that has a lot of character telling YOU what it wants to do so I just kinda went with it. I began to doubt it's direction and had put it into hibernation (I saw that as someone's description of giving a knitting project a break and found it a rather apt term!) Now that it's all done I don't know as I ruined anything... just made it super funky, which I suppose is not such a bad thing at all.... just different.

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