Sunday, June 20, 2010

it's been a while

You must be thinking, "Yea, it has been a while since she posted something." While this is true, it has also been a while since I was featured in a treasury. I was pleasantly surprised today to find that one of my poppy shawl pins had been featured in an all poppy treasury put together by
You can view it while it lasts here or just take a looksie below. :D
My lack of posting has really just been because I've been sooooo busy getting ready for these shows the past two weekends. I am happy to say that I will now have about a month's break before my next show venture. Plenty of time to dye lots of fiber, work on my new jewelry lines (and the old ones too of course,) and get some one of a kind work done.

"New lines?"  you ask. Why yes, new lines. To be completely honest, I didn't start spinning just so that I could make myself fabulous yarns. I started spinning with every intention of incorporating that handspun goodness into my jewelry. I started a handspun line about a year ago, and while I was happy with the concept, I wasn't entirely pleased with the design. I began reworking it on paper several months back and only recently was able to execute it into it's newly revamped design. I debuted it at the show this weekend with just a few pieces and got an awful lot of compliments and a even sold a few. I didn't get any good photos of them yet but I did get some good photos of my new booth setup for art fairs. I typically only have my jewelry at the art fairs but am beginning to wonder if I shouldn't put my yarn in also... something to think about. Any thoughts?

I did get a few good pictures of my two new "talisman" pieces. Who knew that something as simple as a neckwire from Susan Lenart Kazmer's new Industrial Chic line of components could be so inspiring? Of course everything Kazmer does seems to inspire me. :D
I am having so much fun with these pieces! Spontaneous things are happening again which has immensely helped in the hibernating creativity department. I get in such ruts sometimes... Anyhow, these have also helped me to use some of my discarded designs and prototypes and make them into something I treasure again. Sometimes it is so disappointing to create something you love so much, only to have it be passed by when you introduce it. Very few people walked by these new pieces without admiring them so I know I've done something right by them now. Warm fuzzy feelings all around.

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