Sunday, June 27, 2010

working while you work

It's no secret, I hate my job. The day job. The only one I can't afford to lose.

I have been currently weighing the pros and cons of work and how I have tolerated it this long.
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When I came across the book The Artist in the Office I giggled a bit at the concept... but then had an "AHA" moment. This is what had made work tolerable. The fact that I often did non work related things while working.  I only really skimmed the book because I don't work in an office so many of the silly activities didn't apply (randomly dancing with a coworker near the copy machine being one of them... I work alone all day and no copy machine exists,) I realized that this was something I already did a little bit of. When I'm at work, I get amazing ideas for new jewelry lines, sculptures, and other artwork that I would like to create. I ALWAYS have my sketchbook in my purse so that I do not lose one of these ideas by not recording it immediately. (Amazing how short our memories can be sometimes...) This is one of the small things that makes my workday tolerable.

Also, I make a lot of lists, especially when I have huge deadlines looming, like a show in 4 days that I can't be working on anything for because I'm at work. I can breakdown the things I need to do when I am no longer stuck at work and it comforts me.

I even remember one time where I had not properly tied a skein of yarn. When I went to spin the excess water out of it, it entangled itself in the worst kind of rat's nest. I took it to work with me the next day because I knew the thought of it would drive me absolutely nuts all day. I gradually got it untangled throughout the day and then used two full cases of two liters to wind the skein around. It worked quite well. :D 

Currently, I need to get a pretty massive amount of fiber dyed. It will take me several hours just to pick through and wash the fiber, then I'd still have the whole dyeing process to go through. A friend of mine, Dani, over at pumpkinhaus, recently did a whole lotta solar dyeing AND posted amazing pictures on her flickr page as a tutorial. I had planned on doing this this weekend but the mosquitos were awful and I didn't get the wool ready in time to dye. Now I feel pressed and began looking up tutorials to see how long it typically takes, etc. I came across someone's blog who just left them in her car while she was at work. Absolutely. Freakin'. Genius. I could dye every day of the week I'm at work! It is always so damn hot in my car when I get out in the middle of the afternoon, it's sure to work and I don't even have to worry about bugs getting into it or the dog trying to drink the dye bath water! I almost think I should feel guilty about this one while I'm at work...or not. :D

By the way I did notice another thing that those who work in an office do that I occasionally need to do. Filing. Though I'm not sure theirs includes getting rid of the burrs on the edges of a copper pendant. Which reminds me, jewelry update tomorrow in the shop!

How do YOU sneak art into your work day? Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. :D

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