Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wow! so I get this weekend off, start teaching Monday, and of course working all week long at the crummy job but then, OH THEN, begins two jam packed weekends of shows.

June 12 - Fiber Arts and Animal Festival (FAAF)  at Sidetrack Ice Cream in Marshall, MI
June 13 - Fulton Street Artisan Market (FSAM) downtown Grand Rapids, MI
June 19 - Art in the Park downtown at Mill Race Park Battle Creek, MI

Wanna be able to choose from some of my goods in person AND shop for other super amazing handmade wonderfulness, then YOU need to be at one of these three places. :D For more info please check out my "Schedule 2010" link below my banner.

By the way, each and every one of these shows are located very close to good eateries (specifically Microbrews which are my personal favorite.) In fact, Dark Horse Brewing Co. is just a stone's throw away from the Fiber show on June 12th and they are having their famous Crawfish Broil that day.

So anyway, please come out and support us hard workin' arty/crafty folk. Stimulate some of this mitten state's economy and shop local hey?

Oh, and by the way, go see my show at Brownstone North. I promise tags and artist statement will be up tomorrow down there. :D Proper photographs to share will follow very soon also.

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