Sunday, June 27, 2010

monday post of wonderment...

There are lots of exciting things happening here in the basement studio of Bricolage Studios. So many that I wanted to post some super sneaky peek pictures of the happenings.

Saturday this past weekend was spent with a friend. I think we both needed a "day off" from everything. For the most part we sat around and chatted but at one point I jumped up with excitement and said we were going to do a project. "Are you ready?!" I exclaimed. I think I may have startled her a bit but once we got started it was a pretty cathartic and exciting exercise.
image courtesy of amazon

I had purchased the book Hot Textiles  by Kim Thittichai about a year ago after checking it out from the library and was so fascinated that it completely shut me down. "I can't do this!" I thought, and so the book was sat aside. There was one project I remembered quite well in the book was handmade beads from various synthetic fibers and a bit of copper wire. I had recently found my stash of sheer nylon (or polyester?) fabric and I always have a bunch of old aluminum knitting needles at hand so these beads were born from my hand.

These were almost too much fun and went so quickly! I keep talking about how I need a little more spontaneity in my work and these totally delivered. Notice the little Geek Squad bug in the background. :D I love that my 6'3" husband drives this wee little thing for work, lol!

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Trudis Felt said...

Love your beads, very original!